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USB not recognized

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2018 GS 350 FSport
Using iMac to transfer music to USB. Car does not recognize USB.
I have tried:
USB 3  thumbdrive with folders of music files
USB 3 thumbdrive with music files directly to root
USB 2 thumbdrive with folders of music files
UBS 2 thumbdrive with music files directly to root

Nothing has worked. I'm feeling pretty stupid here.
Any ideas what i'm doing wrong?
Is it maybe because i am using an iMac to transfer to the drive?

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Maybe the USB is formatted in wrong file type.


The little CT we have can read lossy file formats from CD and DVD and USB sticks when formatted in FAT32 (each file cannot be larger than 4Gb with FAT32 file format)

M4A audio files up to 512kbps

MP3 audio files up to 320kbps


Cannot read lossless file types like FLAC; which I find stupid as Lexus have MarkLevinson audio in many models. Maybe will be made possible in new models.


A standard DVD 4Gb can have around 18 hours of music formatted in M4A 512kbps 48kHz which is best possible audio quality in our car.

A music CD is recorded in 16bit 44kHz 1411kbps.


Spotify provides 4 audio qualities available on most devices: 24 kbps (Low), 96 kbps (Normal), 160 kbps (High), and 320 kbps (Very High)


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FAT32 was the ticket!
Many thanks John. 
I still a little stupid but at least i'm better informed.

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Nothing stupid in asking questions.

Lexus cars have great audio systems and the better the source quality the more enjoyment listening to music.

DBPoweramp (available for both IOS and Windows) can convert lossless audio files (from audio CD’s or download) to M4A (MP4) files in 512kbps 48kHz, which is the highest audio quality possible from the DVD player in our CT.

When using USB pin only up to 16Gb we have constant fall-out of music and when the DVD player give us around 18 hours of music in sound quality not sound wise below WAV (CD audio discs) but better than 320kbps from MP3 the DVD player is what we use when driving visiting family.

Line-in from a lossless player can transfer even highest level of audio, but few can hear that quality difference when passed 40 years of age (I cannot any-more) and while driving noise from tyres, wind etc. will not allow you to have the concert hall experience anyway.

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