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  1. Maybe i'm just a Felix but i could not bring myself to put the magnet antenna on a car that already has the shark fin all in one factory antenna. If you dig around long enough you will find the little square lead. I found mine (07 GS350) in the trunk over the passenger side wheel well. I had to search ebay & paid maybe $30 for it, but BY CRACKIE i've got a nice clean install with really good reception. Best of luck to you and yours.
  2. I waited until i found a spare ashtray on ebay before breaking out the dremmel tool. The nice part about the install was that i could still close the ashtray when i felt a need to hide it. I tried several means to input the audio. The best i found was the cassette thingy by Monster. It had the best sound of several i tried but that was four years ago. The biggest challenge will be to find a satellite tuner that will fit into the space. I used a Starmate, but again, that was four years ago. I might still have the uncut ashtray stored away somewhere. Let me know if you need it and i'll look. A tree landed on my '98 LS and FORCED me to buy another Lexus or else i'd still be gliding along in my LS. Good luck.
  3. I have an '07 GS 350. The taped trim strip that runs along either side of the roof is peeling away. My body guy says $508 for the part plus 1/2 hour install. Dealer says about the same. Has anyone else seen this? Any solutions other than replacing it?
  4. I installed Sirius in my '07 GS. The tuner does indeed get stuffed in the dash. That's a bit of a challenge, not a lot of extra space in there. It doesn't really matter where you place it since you won't see it again. I got mine on eBay but, if i did it again, would go direct to iSimple at http://isimplesolutions.com/ . The $220 kit came with an accessory input for standard 3mm mp3 player but i opted to get the iPod connection instead. This way i can connect my iPhone & direct it all from the head unit. NOTE: Read the directions on the order of making the connections. If you hook the line to the head unit before connecting the I/O it WILL NOT WORK and you'll scratch your head for an hour like i did. Just follow the directions & you'll be fine. The only downside to this kit is that it does not come with a means to connect to the OEM shark-fin antenna. They supply the stupid little antenna thing that i REFUSE to put on my car. Just search eBay for TOYOTA/LEXUS SHARK FIN ANTENNA CONNECT CABLE XM/SIRIUS and you'll find it for around $60. The real trick is finding the end of the OEM antenna lead. I found mine in the trunk, passenger side, over the wheel well. You'll just have to be patient & go fishing around. Best of luck.