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Key Copy And Duplicates

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Does anyone know how much a Lexus dealer charges to make a spare key for a 1993 GS300?

Mine came with only 1.

Mine also came with only one and the local dealer was going to charge north of $190 for a full-on key with remote fob. A local locksmith clued me in to a website called StreetKeys. Check `em out and see if it helps. It worked great for me; I picked up a valet key as well and I'm all set. Good luck

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i live in virginia, and i whent to lexus last week and it was 77 dollars for a key. you have to have a drivers lic. and other proof and you get the key the never day......i also have a 93

I might be able to get you one cheaper, let me look into it,

send me a IM with your year and model I will respond with pricing.

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I checked out streetkeys, it was $80+.

Local Lexus dealer charged $100 with the keyless remote for a 1993.

Local locksmith said $45 just for a spare. I'm gonna try the locksmith since I just need a spare for emergency.


I don't know about the 93s but the 2000 that I own has a chip in the key that must communicate with the vehicle before the car will start and the chip needed to be programmed in a very specific and elaborate way for the new key to work. Again, 93s might be different.

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