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Consumer Reports Warning on 2021 NX300h Major Engine Problem

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I am brand new to the forum so please bear with me . .  .

In Feb 2024 I purchased a low miileage 2021 NX300h.  Shortly thereafter the April 2024 the annual auto guide issue of Consumer Reports magazine was published.On page 92 they give the 2021 NX300h double red down arrows for Major Engine problems which is disconcerting to say the least.

Has anyone experienced major engine problems on this fairly new model?  Thank you.

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I have the same issue of CR and was surprised to see that. You may want to call service advisers at one or more dealerships to inquire about this issue. I don't recall seeing any other comments about this year Lexus model NX300h. Also try this forum's search function if you haven't already.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you for your suggestions.  It will be a few months before I need an oil change, but when I go to the Lexus dealer I will ask the service adviser about it.

Incidentally, when Lexus corporate sent me a form letter welcoming me an as owner I did respond with my above concern.  I received a reply the next day or two essentially saying that Consumer Reports is an independent testing agency and I should contact them about their report on major reliability problems with the aforementioned engine.  I wrote back thanking them for their prompt reply, but I (politely) pointed out that the double down red arrows were not the result of testing but instead based upon a reader survey of owners of the 2021 NX300h.

I didn't hear anything back and that was a few weeks ago so it's safe to say that Lexus corporate is disinterested and considers the matter closed.

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