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Key Fob stopped working, now battery is draining

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My key fob, stopped working. The buttons are worn out. I dropped by the Toyota dealer, and they said it needs to be replaced. 
Now, a few weeks later, my battery has been very weak (the car would eventually start), but now the car is dead. 

Is there a correlation between the battery, possible drain, and a broken key fob?
I live in NYC and can't afford to spend $$ going in the wrong direction (replacing the battery/searching for a drain/replacing the key fob) if one isn't necessary.

Thanks for your help

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It’s unfortunate that your key fob stopped working, and now you’re dealing with a weak battery. Let’s explore the possible correlation between these issues:

  1. Key Fob and Battery Drain:

  2. Car Battery Health:

  3. Next Steps:

    • Before replacing anything, consider these steps:
      • Check the Car Battery: Have your car battery tested. If it’s weak or old, replacing it might solve both issues.
      • Inspect Key Fob Battery: Replace the key fob battery if it’s worn out. It’s an inexpensive fix.
      • Address Key Fob Buttons: If the buttons are worn out, consider repairing or replacing the key fob.
      • Look for Parasitic Drain: If the battery continues to drain, there might be a parasitic drain (e.g., faulty wiring, malfunctioning components). A mechanic can diagnose this.

Remember, I’m not a mechanic, but these general guidelines might help you avoid unnecessary expenses. If you’re unsure, consult a professional to diagnose the specific issues in your car. 


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