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2002 LS 430 shimmy's, wobbles at low speeds

Perry Moceri

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Have a 2002 LS 430 that wobbles at low speeds 0-20 MPH but smooths out afterward but even at 80 MPH although it does not "shimmy" something does not seem right. Tires have low miles (under 10k) but are 6 Years old and look fine. any thoughts? Thank you!

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Possibly, one or more of the tires has a steel belt that has been separated. When one of the steel belts separate it falls out of alignment with the rest and creates an abnormality. They can look or feel like a "knot" of sorts. The remedy is to replace each tire that has separated belt(s).

If you can place the car on a lift with the lift pads set on the frame, you can slowly roll each tire to see how it tracks visually. If you notice a variance on one (or more), you should be able to feel it with your hands.

Worn out front end components can also make it "wobble" at slow speeds.

I'd check the tires first.

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