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Throttle Bodie, Cold Intake System


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Hi, I am new owner of 2000 RX300, now I see why people pay the big $$$...

Well, I would like to get more out of the engine... I am looking for help in finding bigger Throttle Bodie, and cold air intake. I can't find the T.Bodie... I found the

Wheapon-R , and injen intake system. Any recomendation, where to buy it.???

I need advice on Cat-Back Ehst. sytem... I've read some people geting around 90HP extra, after modifications.... True ?

Any guidance, would be apreciated....



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The factory air filter is typically about 93% efficient, meaning at WOT and maximum RPM the engine would suck 7% more air if the input were NOT filtered at all.

7%, keep that in mind.

The aftermarket filter marketeers, K&N, etc, tell us that their filter is up to 200% more efficient than the OEM product. Basically that means a gain of 3% additional airflow, but ONLY at WOT and max RPM.

A 3% gain for a base 300HP engine is a net of 10HP for a total of 310HP.

Your best bet IMMHO is to find someone to modify your intake system so that with WOT the engine computer "thinks" the incoming airflow is COLDER, more dense, that it actually is.

Within the intake there is a thermistor, basically a resistor that changes resistance with temperature, that "tells" the engine computer the temperature/density of the incoming airstream. The computer tries to maintain the proper fuel/air mixture ratio and the above would result in a slightly greater level of fuel in the mixture and thus improved HP.

The modification should only be enabled at WOT to prevent the ecu from "learning", during non-WOT operations, to correct the mixture via the downstream oxygen sensor.

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A good cold air intake on a 1mz-fe like mine makes about 7 horsepower to a total of 15 with the exhaust to the wheels. I now make almost as much as a supercharged camry(which could be tuned better)

No one else has made anythign better ,i find anything Injen makes is garbage. No R and D it just fits so they sell it.

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i don't think i've ever seen a cat back exhaust for the rx...only b-backs...i'm running a sheep dog exhaust personally

Do you mean axleback? The link I posted is a cat-back.

OptionImport carries a 5 Zigen header


Also anyone install these? I would like to know if it is a bolt-on.

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5-Zigen Jeff Fire 5Zigen Lexus Rx300 / Mcu15W 98-02

MSRP: $430.00

Our price: $365.50

that can;t be right for a header

it has way too many bends to be that cheap

it has to be an axle back exhaust if anything

I called the shop and got confirmation that it is a header but did not believe him either. I bet it is a typo.

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