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Fiamm Air Horns?


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I've tried installing Fiamm air horns, with the relay. Can't get them to work without blowing a fuse (in the car, not in me). If you did this mod, how did you do it? Can it be wired directly from the horn wire to the compressor and compressor to ground, without the relay? I've recently read Japanese cars require the hot wire to go to terminal 85 instead of 86 on the relay. Thanks.

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You definitely need a relay in this type of system, because the air compressor for the horn draws too much current and the horn switch will burn out otherwise. I'm sorry that I don't have the proper wiring schematic anymore, but I did this modification on my Acura Integra years ago with no problems.

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the oem horn has a relay but it is not made for a compressor but a mechanical horn.

To use an air horn you need to add the ground wire and positive wire from the battery then attach the old horn wire to the relay and wire it up as well to the new wires .

Then you can use the horn.

I have one compressor on my civic and eventually will add the hella triple horn set to my lexlater on as one of my horns are shot.

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[Thanks very much. I'll (I'm on my work computer) try again. I've already found that connecting the wires incorrectly doesn't blow anything; the horns just don't work. From what I can see, the + from the battery goes to pin 85; the oem horn wire goes to pin 86; and ground goes to pin 87. Pin 30 is left empty.

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SKperformance,Nov 1 2004, 08:48 PM]

Are you talking about the numbering on the relay?

Yes. Apparently all relays have the same number options: 30, 85, 86, and 1 other I can't recall now. What I was hoping for was a clear recommendation of, e.g. "battery + to 85; battery - to 30; pin 86 to compressor +.....etc" (These are just ideas; I don't have a good idea of which actually goes where.)

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I can;t remember i just look at tehm and usually remeber the ways .

It is only a ground

1 positive

and one switch wire

I am sure someon on the web shows the exact connections.

Thanks, SK. You did confirm my feeling that I had mistakenly tried to use all 4 relay connections when I should have used only 3. Will keep trying.

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