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Found The Noise


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i found out the noise i hear when i get on the gas hard is from the valves.

the motor is fine at idle,you hear the valves when you get on it.

i hear it more now that the weather is colder,and untill the car warms up.

when the car gets warm it is less loud.

it sure seems like i need a valve adjustment,seems like the clearance is loose and when the metal heats up it takes up some of the slack.

lexus says they never have had to adjust the valves and i should leave alone.

i dont have $900 right now anyway.

is this common with this motor?

can i use some b&g stuff to the oil?

will i do any damage just leaving it alone?

what do you guys think.

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If you have ever read the owners manual, it actually states that some degree of valve chatter is normal for the SC400 under heavy acceleration. Mine started sounding louder, so I ran a few treatments of Techron from Chevron. I ran it a little stronger than the directions called for. Wait until tank is empty, then add the Techron and fill with 8.5 gallons. When that tank is empty, repeat. It seemed to help alot. I will continue to do this every 3k or so.

PS. As much as it hurts the wallet, you really want to use premium fuel. It's worth it.

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