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08 is250 Camshaft position sensors


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Hey everyone, I own the 2008 IS250 and recently having my VSC and check engine lights on. They have been coming on and off randomly from time to time,( stays on for a week then goes away and then comes back again after few days). After scanning I got the following codes :

P0340 : Camshaft position sensor circuit
P0345: Camshaft position sensor "A" circuit ( Bank 2 )
P0365: Camshaft position sensor "B" circuit ( Bank 1 )
P0390: Camshaft position sensor "B" circuit ( Bank 2 )

If  anyone faced similar issue or knows how to fix it please let me know. 

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First take a good look at the connectors and wiring. Some owners have found that one or the other had failed. Hopefully someone can post a drawing showing their locations.

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