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Ez Clean Tips For Wheel Wells

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Started doing this a few months ago after cleaning my tires and staring at my incredibly dirty wheel wells (on my Honda, which I've replaced with an SC400):

Since most of the wheel well is black coated plastic, I simply use the Tire Foam I use on the tires. I use a small sheet of plastic (cardboard, whatever) to keep it off the paint as I spray the tire, and use the same technique on spraying down the inside of the wheel well. Also used it on the fender guards, which of course I don't have on the SC. Worked awesome, because I didn't want to reach up in the incredibly dirty well, trying to reach hard to get places. This way you can just spray it down, no scrubbing or wiping necessary.

Result is a very clean, jet black finish that takes no time at all. (I hate seeing pics of really clean shiny cars with dirty wheel wells.)

I also used it on the black plastic undercarriage parts, with same awesome & easy results. My wife's RX330 has a few of these where it's handy, especially in the front.

Sorry if everybody has been doing this for ages, but it was a new thought for me.

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Your car's wheels can dramatically enhance the appearance and performance of your automobile. Modern wheels can also present a substantial cleaning challenge as heated dust particles from brake pads bombard the wheel and bake into the finish. If left on the wheel, a phenomenon known as galvanic corrosion sets in, which will eventually destroy your wheel's appearance. To take care of your wheels, read this article Wheel Care

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