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Cd Player Success


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Hello all:

I am new to this site. After a seven month search I finally have a 93 SC400.

This is such a great car,with a few hickups mind you, one of them being the audio system. My CD player seemed to work when it felt like it. I tore it down, lubed the moving parts with silicone lubricant, the spray type---but NEVER sprayed into the unit---use a cutip or brush. Then put in a cleaning CD & ran it about ten times.

The darn thing still seemed to have attitude in that it would play a certain CD fine

one time & the next day or even a half hour later all I could get out of that CD selected was Error message. After experimenting with the thing for a few days I discoverd a few things---------This player is very picky with what type of Cd. It plays some perfect ,some will only play some times, & others not at all.I burned copies of the ones that would not play at all( with Nero& MusicCD-R TDK discs). The result was the player reads these burned discs perfectly---no skip--no problem advancing to the next song-----no selecting the next disc & Err coming up.

Hint --when burning, select the ( burn audio cd that will work in any cd player tab)

If the cleaning Cd comes up as ERROR---Leave that CD selected, shut the car off & walk away. For some reason after a few hours or even the next morning that CD would play.

Regards, Herb Wendland

B.C. Canada

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ditto here re your experience.

i also have a 93sc400 and half my store bought cd's would err. i copied those to

imation cd-r disks at low copy speeds, as well as stuff off the net (before the

legality issue arose), and all copies play perfectly.

never have used a cd cleaning disk to date...maybe i should as a preventive



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My changer seems to error more frequently as the temperature goes up. I never have a problem at night, but on an 80+ day, can expect it not to find the beginning of a song, or simply refuse to play altogether. This with burned TDK CDR's that are always designated as Music before the burn process.

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Temperature was a factor before but it does'nt seem to be now,& the weather here has been in the 90's. I do have burned CD's that I used another program for,(crappy burning software from Oak tech.),& they do exactly what you describe Mikee72. The Nero 6.3 @ 16 times has woked great regardles of temp. I wish I could say the same for my speedo needle.

Take care, Herb.

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Thought I'd add this to the CD player fix mix .The discs were not being picked up by my Nak. player,so I took out the disc holder and made the player think it was back in.(there are two buttons on the unit that tell the player the disc holder is loaded) one at the rear of the player,on the upper edge where the lid closes (small button) press this in while pressing the square button at the bottom of the deck where the disc holder would be sitting.the deck lowers and the rollers that pick up the disks are exposed.clean these with alcohol on a lint free cloth.my rollers were still spinning while I was doing this.replace the disc holder and give it a play.Hope this helps

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