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  1. Cool! Sounds like enough lifting power to compensate for additional sound deadening. Would you mind telling us what the brand name is?
  2. I've seen the McCulloch kit in person at night and they look like someone put purple bulbs in a Honduh. Not convincing as OEM at all, IMHO.
  3. I usually average 20-ish with mixed driving, but if you do any long-distance driving, your mileage will increase substantially. I got 26-28 MPG driving my car home to WA from TX.
  4. I'd say that leaking is the product of age and mileage. My '92 had ~70k on it when I noticed that it losing fluid. If it is leaking, fix it ASAP, or it can ruin the alternator as well.
  5. Depends on how you go about fixing it. (PS pump) I did mine in a couple of hours for ~$200. Search to see all of your options.
  6. Since I don't own an ES, I can't really compare maintenance costs, but I can tell you that if you need dealer-only work, the Toyota dealerships around here are clueless when it comes to "Soarer," but obviously well versed in "Camry." Just from a production number standpoint, I'd say that the ES is going to be cheaper, but I wouldn't say that the SC is a maintenance hog, but it isn't a Camry, either. IMHO, it's an "Apples to Oranges" comparison anyway. One is a high-performance luxury coupe, while the other is pretty much a warmed up FWD grocery-getter. Personally, I wouldn't buy a salvage titl
  7. PM a guy that goes by PIONEERSUBY. He sells Lexus audio stuff, and is very helpful.
  8. My changer seems to error more frequently as the temperature goes up. I never have a problem at night, but on an 80+ day, can expect it not to find the beginning of a song, or simply refuse to play altogether. This with burned TDK CDR's that are always designated as Music before the burn process.
  9. I guess you didn't bother to search, since this has been covered literally hundreds of times. In addition, the ES changer is totally different than the SC changer, so why would you ask the question here? :whistles:
  10. Nope. Three different systems. The Nak system is clearly marked on the head unit, and mine is clearly marked "Premium Sound."
  11. I didn't see Lexus listed on their site.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I just might stop by. Still hoping to find a person with a Nak system sooner, though.
  13. I have just discovered that my SC has the "Premium" system as opposed to the Nakamichi system, and would like to hear the difference. If anyone would be so kind as to meet up with me, I'll come to you and kick in $20 for your trouble. This is very important to me, since I'm about to decide wheter to upgrade to the Nak system or go aftermarket. Weeknights work fine for me.
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