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Looking At 1992 Sc 400 - $4900 - 192k


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I've done a LOT of research on this car and the LS, looked at previous threads, the good and bad things about the cars.

On Autotrader I found a 1992 SC 400 - Green with spoiler, for $4900. It has 192,000 miles on it.

KBB Said this for prices:

REtail - 8225

Private - 5405

Trade - 3390

I'm going to look for P/S leaks, and see how good the overall condition of the car is today. I'm really hoping nothing is really wrong with it because I'd like to get it. I'm coming from a 1992 Honda Accord with 186k so this is a big jump.


The only thing is I'm hoping its not and a crap used car dealer that doesn't really care about cars/condition/customer service.

I think its a good price and hopefully I'll go for it within the next week. How much negotiating room do you think I have in the price? I'll be able to give you a better idea of the condition later today after I look at it but what do you think?

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Writing to myself...but anyways

Looked at the SC 400. Its outside looks great, no scratches or dings (major). The inside...well the leather is ripped about 5 inch gash on the drivers side, the rest of the leather in the car looks kinda worn and used. So my guess is that if the person didn't take great care of the inside, the mechanical would be along the same lines. This was at a side of the road used car dealer too, they had some pretty nice cars, but some that I woulnd't even want to sit in. The guy also said it had a dead battery and he was getting a new one on Monday. I'm thinking this would not be a good car to get, agree?

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If the owner or dealer didn't take care of the interior, thats a good sign it was not a well-maintained car. I wouldn't take the chance but given that it has 192,000 miles on it some of that is just wear and tear. I bought a sc400 several years ago and the inside was immaculate (64,000 miles) and I have not had one problem and it still looks perfect at 95,000k. I have taken great cares to maintain the leather and the engine. Of course when i bought it i checked out everything and Lexus owners tend to take care of their babies don't we guys!!!!!!


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Have you driven the car? I wholesale vehicles and when visiting my family, I found my SC400 in a field behind a dealer’s lot; they had taken it in on trade from a Doctor who drove it a lot. It had a rip in the leather on the drivers side bolster, rock chips. It had sat there for two years (not a big demand in rural Montana for a Lexus SC). Long story short I had it hauled on a flatbed to a Toyota dealer, had them replace timing belt, water pump, used power steering pump, all fluids filter adjust the valves (it had a slight tapping noise now it purrs), I have since done shocks wheels, stereo, fixed the seat, tint etc. all the fun stuff to it. I later found out that the Doctor had replaced nearly the entire front suspension/steering rack, which explained why when it was done it drove so well and he had kept it fairly well maintained at the local Toyota dealer.

If the car you are looking at runs strong and feels good, take it to a Lexus dealer or Toyota and have the do an inspection, talk to the tech-not just the service writer, if they think it is ok ( they will always find something) deduct what they find and offer the dealer a lowball. (I’m a dealer trust me they’re expecting it).

The SC is in my opinion one of the best built cars I have ever dealt with and that’s all I deal with are mostly higher end cars I have a newer Mercedes S class with a fraction of the miles the SC has and it is not nearly the car nor as reliable as the old SC is.

I use my SC every day and mile it out, I have three other personal cars but like the SC for driving the best, I am on my 3rd set of tires since getting the car my friends call the SC Christine after the movie, because she is red and just keeps running like new with only general maintenance from me.

Have it checked out, would a lower mile SC be better, probably, but if you can get it for less than some people put in their new wheels alone, it’s a lot of fun!

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I think I'll go back and look at it. I really like it and it looks like I could get a set of seats under $1000 at the most and if I get in on the group buy thing about $600.

Does the Lexus dealer charge anything for a search to see what maintainance has been done on that car? Also, is it worth getting the Lexus dealer to perform the pre-purchase evaluation for $75. I really like that car, but I think I might have a hard time getting my dad to like it.

I'll go sometime this week and look at it, and since I'm 17 and he probably won't let me test drive it without my dad see if he can just take it out with me and I'll look at the things on it.

Its $4900, I bet I could get it at least to ~$3750 after negotiations for the problems, what do you think (It has a broken antenna too...like snapped off).

BTW, how much was it to have all that service done after you got the car. I'm pretty mechanically inclined so I could probably do the timing belt and water pump, etc myself. I have on my Honda Accord, so with a service manual I can do a lot of the things I think.

Here are some pictures...I don't really like the wood screw sub cover however...




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Lexus will not charge you to run a service inquiry on the car, have them print it out for you. Looks like the interior will definitely need some work to be presentable. Best advice I can give you....at 17 yrs old you may want to strongly consider picking up something with more reasonable mlg and save a little longer for a nicer condition coupe. If it were me i'd buy it...but only to turn into a track car.... :)

Good luck on your decision.

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Just as I thought I was at least looking at the right cars, for me...my mom was telling me she doesn't want a RWD car in the family?

First of all, she will never be driving it. Secondly, we live in TN!!!! Any other good arguements to use on that front!! An ES would be unlikley, just because I don't fit very well in it...I'm tall.

My parents are killing me on all fronts! They have been die hard "domestic" car lovers. My dad drives Fords and my mom used to drive Ford and now drives Chrysler. I can't get them to understand that when their car reaches 190k...they will be lucky if its running by then, and its worth the extra $$ now to save later!!!!!

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Dont get it the seats are horrible that means its been ragged out and not well taken care of youll have expensive transmission and engine problems and that car burns up tires your looking at 1200 hundread to change the spark plugs caps rotors brakes powersteering sparkplug wires battery belts transmission fluid and service 1000 dollors in seats and install lets not start on that ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION trust me you cant afford it i can barely afford it only reason i can is because im 19 goin to college and i dont have a car note or insurance payment and i make 32000 a year ohh and a poorly maintained lexus is as good as a lemon ohh tires well set you back a cool 450 too

but other than that 95 with 163000 miles is a very fun car Dont forget your radar detector www.radartest.com <---------------LIFE SAVER

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Ha, yea I got a Passport 8500.....i'll just leave it at that.

I found a 93 140k $6500 LS 400, white paint with black leather and chrome rims (stock rime but looks NICE). Test drove it and all I can say is HOLY CRAP. This is a VERY NICE car, VERY well maintained, new tires, leather is immaculate, engine purrs. No unusual noises whatsoever. The Check engine is on and the TRAC OFF stays on nomatter what but they said they are getting that fixed.

So many choices. I like all the SC 300's SC 400's and LS 400's and even now the 325i!! I think in the end it will be what the dealer can do with me on the cars becasue I don't think I want to buy one to fix it up, I want to buy one like the LS...in top condition already.

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I already have a nice soundsystem, don't know how it will fit though. Polk 6.5's all around in my car. JVC 200w deck powering them and 2 POLK MOMO 12" 800w subs powered by a 980w power acoustic amp in a bandpass box....it BOOMS, but I think I might go down to one in the lex to save space in the trunk when I get one.

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