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Harmonic Balancer Pulley

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I am trying to replace the timeing belt on a 1995 Lexus sc300 (6cyl). I am having trouble removing the bolt holding the harmonic balancer on (crank pulley). I do not have the factory tool, so do not have a good way to hold the engine/pulley from turning. Is this bolt counter clockwise to remove? Any suggestions on holding the balancer to remove the bolt?

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well since you are changing your timing belt you can just shove some towels between the cam pulley and the timing belt so it becomes so tight that it wont turn and this usually does the trick to holding it. just turn the main bolt until the towels you fed in are stuck. and yes it is a normal threaded bolt so counter clockwise to loosen.good luck and hope this helps.

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put the car back on the ground, put the socket and breaker bar on the bolt and rest the breaker bar on the ground. hit the starter for just a second and itll come loose. i dont recommend doing it, but the australians do it that way.

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