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Suspension & Brake Advice

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I think H&R is better because of the recommendation from cublexus

and also from the installer told me that H&R is just a better choice for a lowering kit on Coilover.

installing Steering ECU takes about 15 min, a little bit hard on getting the old ECU out.

scale 1 - 5 as hard, probably 1.5 :)

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site and would like advice on suspension & brake upgrades. Anyone out there have L-tuned springs and struts or Ron Millen Brakes on their GS400? How do you like the way they perform?




I have an idea for you. You may want to try and find a set of the factory Supra brakes. They are a good set up on the GS's. Or if you want to spend a bit more go for the stop tech. Rod Millen is a great compnay but try the supra brakes route and save a few $$. As far as spring. If that is all you would like to do on a factroy shock, L-tuned and Ebach are two good ways of getting that lowered look. If you would like to go all out on the suspention look into tein cs spec. coil-overs.

This system is a great set-up. The bottom line is that there are so many ways that you could go that it will most likely come down to how much you would like to spend. Keep me update. :cheers:

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FYI, the Rod MIllen brakes are the exact same brakes as the Supra TT brakes and the TRD brake kit too.. All 3 are pretty much the same...

I have the TRD front brakes. When I first put them on I was amazed with the stopping power they produced.. Now I'm used to them and it's really nothing.. Now next I think I'm gonna go with Brembo GT Big Brake.. It's a 6 pot 14" rotor... They are the brakes that you see on Ferrari's.. If you don't want to go that route you can always go with Stop Tech, AP Racing (Stillen), Wilwood, and there are many others.. Also one major thing that will influence you on how big you can get your brakes is what size your rims are and the offset too.. Because if you only have a tiny bit of room right now between your stock caliper and rim you won't beable to fit something that much bigger..

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Thanks for all the infomation,

I will definitely go the coilover route instead of the L-tuned.


Just a headsup....

All coilovers aren't created equal.. :blink:

Like for example, I have the Tein "Flex" coilovers.. They are very managible and the ride comfort is pretty good.. But also then you have the Tein "HA's" which are more of a tighter harder coilover mainly for those who want to lose most of the luxury they have in there Lexus and get a real hard track type of feel.. Then you have the Tein CS's, these are probaly the coilovers I think you should go with.. They are supposed to have a great ride without giving up too much comfort and getting a sporty type of feel when driving.. For me the choice was out of the "CS" or the "Flex"... If you need anymore help you ask and I'll try to see what I can do...

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