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Questions About Older Sc400s...

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Hello. :cheers:

I'm thinking of purchasing a used SC 400 and I was hoping to get some advice from some people here that actually own this beautiful vehicle.

If I'm buying over the net what would you suggest I check out...

If I get the carfax review will that be enough or is there another way of checking out the car?

Does it cost a crazy amount of money to fix this car if things go wrong?

I'm looking for a car for around 10,000 that has under 85,000 miles.

What do u guys think?

Thanks a lot.

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Before buying an SC400 have it inspected by a Lexus dealer for Approx. $90 and get the lexus service history from them and the carfax history. Pre 1994 cars will have old freon AC systems which can be expensive to properly change to R34a. For cars over 70,000 mi check for the ususual power steering pump leak. For cars near 90,000mi or over make sure the timing belt service was done. Expect to replace the fluids,filters and brakes and check the tires and you are on your way....

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i am very happy with my '93 sc400 which only has 62k miles. except

for the p/s pump which i repaired wirh a kit, no problems.

i personally would not sell for 10 grand but you should be able to find

lots of good buys out there for much less.

go for it, you will not be sorry provided you can find one that had proper

maintenance by previous owner(s).


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I bought a 1995 Lexus SC400 with 85000 miles. I had the 100000 miles tune up done. New timing belt, spark plugs, new fluids, brakes tires etc...

This is the best car I have ever owned. When you get one, go to your mecanics to inspect it. I bought mine for $4500, it needed a new driver side mirror, a back light and the car got keyed.

There is some good deal outthere, check craigslist.com or your local newspaper every morning on the internet and make sure you check news ads when you do your search.

It is a fantastic car.

Good luck

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