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Xm Radio In Es Models


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I am a noob to this forum and here is my first post.

Anxiously awaiting delivery on an '04 ES 330 in next day or 2. Got the Nav/audio package. When I asked the salesperson about XM radio he stammered and stuttered for a while and said something like "there is a button for it on the audio menu but it doesn't do anything". When further pressed he said it is implemented on the LS models but they have to use some cheesy magnetic stick-on antenna. He had no idea whether Lexus is planning a retro-fit/firmware upgrade for the ES line to accomodate XM.

Disappointing, since I picked the Lexus over the Acura TL and that came with 3 free months of XM radio.

Also anyone have 3rd party XM addons with the nav package (WITHOUT FM modulator)?

Great forum. Can't wait to see if I have the dreaded transmission lag. . . ;)

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There's no way to do it without the FM modulator that is surefire to work. There are adapters that you can use from www.soundgate.com that will be a direct connection to your stereo and replace the CD Changer in the glovebox, or you can even use the Lexus kit (but Lexus will sware up and down you can't). The Lexus kit is great my dad has it on his new LS430. There's no way to get around the antenna, all cars with sat. radio must have an antenna. I put mine on the back parcel shelf, its invisible and works fine.

Also don't be afraid of FM modulation, mine is hardwired FM modulated and the sound is fantastic. The quality really depends on the stereo and its fine with the ML.

Search this forum for my install.

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I've searched up and down XMfan, Prius boards, Lexus boards, Toyota boards and haven't found anyone that has used the LS/Solara/Prius kit in the ES and reported on it.

My Lexus dealer will sell me the LS kit ($500) but won't attempt to install it. They tell me it won't work. When asked about the Solara kit, the Lexus cust. service dept. (800#) says they are not familiar with Toyota products. Toyota dealer says unfamiliar with Lexus products

Please don't take offense, because you are a much appreciated resource and a terrific help but how did you come by the info you have because I can't find it anywhere?

I'd like to at least confirm someone has successfully added the kit before I jump in.



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The information that I've gotten is from a reseller that sells the kit for the Toyota vehicles. Its the exact same kit. The Solara specifically even uses the exact same head unit as the ES. Let me see if I can get them to come on here and post...

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Well I am not going to hold my breath for an integrated solution from Lexus or take a $500 gamble on the LS unit.

A local shop can install an XM unit in the sunglass holder between the visors. Very clean, no visible wires. The FM modulator sounds very good. Will probably go that route.

Thanks for the replies.

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Before you do that listen to both XM and Sirius online. They can do the same install with Sirius (for a lot less actually) and you might like that programming better. I was all set to get XM until I heard Sirius online. I equate Sirius to playing all your favorite songs and XM to playing all the tracks you skip on the CD.

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