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Rear End

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I recently posted this on the ls forum by accident so i am reposting it.I am looking for a 3:76 rear end for my 98 gs 400.I have looked at alot from millen to SRT. I have also heard of swapping with a supra rearend .Which is the way to go.What is the difference. Can i just by the internals and have my mechanic do the work this is what id rather do i dont want to buy the whole diff. if i dont have to Can someone help a newbie.

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I'm a noob too, but from what I understand the RMM diff is the same as the Supra, which means it's a direct bolt in and pretty easy to install. The TRD unit is cheaper uses your stock gear ring, so you won't get the better acceleration of the 3.76 gearing and it's a much more difficult install because you have to open the rear end and replace the internals. I have heard of folks getting old Supra diffs for very cheap, but you have to be careful of the condition and be sure it's not and open diff, as opposed to the Torsen type which you are seeking.

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