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Making Black Pearl Emblems


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I mentioned this in my other post about tinting the tail lights, but this is really a separate question. I've been thinking seriously about what to do about the emblems on my car. It's a peral white '94 LS with the gold package, which I really hate. I think the chrome matches the look of the car much better. However, I can't decide between these three things what I should do. I'm definitely getting rid of the tacky gold badges and I have a friend with the same car who want to trade me for his chrome ones. What I'm unsure about is whether I should just throw on the chrome emblems, leave the emblems off completely and have a body-shop fill in the trunk post-holes, or make myself some black pearl emblems from the chrome ones, ehich could potentially look really nice with my tinted windows and the tinted tail lights, once they are done. I think I'm leaning toward this option, but I don't know if anyone has done this yet. I don't see how the black badges would really turn out bacd, but here's what I'm thinking:

Shop online or at car places for a really nice chrome-flake black pearlescent paint, paint the badges and coate them with clearcoat or laquer to keep the shiny finish. You think it's a good idea?

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I have a ES which is the same color as your LS - white top and beige cladding. I recently installed a set of black pearl emblems on mine and they look GREAT. I would really suggest this to you. The only other thing I would suggest to you is clearing the turn signals, because I think the amber color really clashes with the white and black emblems. I recall there was a post on these forums a while ago about a DIY someone posted on blacking their emblems. You should be able to find it with a serch.

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