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  1. Now I'm getting that IPS error when I try to access any member gallery in the registry section. I'm resurrecting an old post, but it's the same problem it seems like.
  2. wwest, you mentioned the blend door... what's that and where?
  3. Thanks for the help. I haven't looked for it yet, but can you guys tell exactly where the IAT is located and what it looks like? I've never notice it. Thanks.
  4. I just noticed this year when it got cold that my climate control was acting funny. I used the air conditioning all summer and it worked fine, but when the weather cooled down and it came time to use the heat, there was a problem. When I turn climate control on, it blows hot air, which is what it's supposed to do, but the problem is that it always blows on high and at full temperature, even when I have it set to low and 65 degrees. If I have it set to Auto, no matter what temperature I set it blows really hot and at full fan speed. If I put it to the low setting manually, it still blows extremely hot air regardless of the temperature I set. This is too annoying because it's getting cold here in NY now and when I turn the heat on, it heats up quickly and stays very hot - too hot for comfort, so then I have to turn it off or turn it all the way down to max 'cold' to compensate for the extreme heat. Then it gets cold in the car again after a while and...you know the routine. I really want to get this fixed. Does anyone have any ideas? Heater control valve? Some sort of temperature sensor? I have no idea so any help is appreciated.
  5. Tone, it's been a really long time since I've been in the forums, but if I remember correctly, the power steering pump is a common problem on those 1st gen ls's. I had to replace mine a couple years back on my 94. I don't think there's any quick fixes, but it is really important to replace the pump asap because it is positioned right above the alternator and the leaking fluid will kill your alternator quickly. You might not notice at first, but it'll go soon if you let the ps pump keep leaking.
  6. Flanker, was that you that asked me a question on my eBay radio?
  7. So it's the Pioneer deck with no CD changer controls. That means it'll fit 90-94 LSs that weren't Nakamichi equipped? And if there's a CD changer, it won't be able to be connected?
  8. I pulled the radio out of my 94 ls a few months ago and I'm now trying to sell it on ebay. My question is whether or not it will fit in all 90-94 ls400s or only in specific ones like 93-94 or something like that. It's not the Nakamichi, it just says Lexus Premium Sound System. What cars will it fit? I need to tell some potential bidders that would like to know. Thanks for your help!
  9. I had a similar problem while installing lights. Still haven't solved it, but figure it was also a short. The shifter stopped shifting and some of my lights died (all the button backlights on the climate control) and all that, BUT I could still start the car fine. I never completely solved the short. I just used the emergency shifter release to let it free.
  10. Hey all, Can someone tell me where the a/c filter is in my '94 and how I go about checking it? Also, while I'm at it, I recently noticed a gasoline smell in the car on occasions when my driving is heavy on the acceleration. It's very faint, not the scary smell that would make me think it was a leak. I kind of think it's the charcoal filter or whatever it is that neutralizes the gas fumes. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and would you please let me know?
  11. OK, so I feel stupid asking about this, but here goes anyways... Last time I got my oil changed (Indie shop, Mobile 1 synthetic oil), the guy told me I should flush the tranny fluid very soon. My questions are what type of fluid should I use, can I do it myself and how, and is their any danger in doing this on a ten-plus-year-old LS, as I remember reading on the forum somewhere that it could be harmful. Also, what will old tranny fluid do to the car and it's performance? Thanks for putting up with dumb questions, guys.
  12. bicol, I may need new bushings as well. I replaced the rear sway bar bushings and links a few months ago, but have yet to do anything on the front, and my car is beginning to feel the worse for it. Could you tell me exactly where you got the bushings, how to replace them and if they fit perfectly, and also what sort of symptoms worn bushings would cause. My car recently has felt extremely loose in the front and I suspect I might need to do more than just bushings or ball joints. An indie car guy I went to last week said my vibration and rough ride seemed to be caused by worn ball joints, but I'm not positive that that's all that's wrong. I feel a heavy vibration when braking, all throughout the car and in the wheel and pedal. When I hit bumps, it feels very loose and the car responds poorly. Often, on grooved pavement or bumpy roads, there is a considerable amount of shimmy, and the car is feeling less and less stable at high speeds. While I was at the shop with this guy, we put my car on the lift and tried to move the wheels around, and the ball joints are definitely shot, but there didn't seem to be too much give in the bushings. Is there another way to tell what's going on or should I just replace the ball joints and go from there? Would the ball joints be causing all of these problems or does it sound like more is prbably wrong? And, last but not least, do any of you know a good source for the joints or should I just get them from the dealer? They're not insanely overpriced at $117 each, but I know the labor's going to be up there, so any savings I can get would be helpful. Thanks anyone that can help.
  13. GS, it shouldn't be too hard. You could do a couple of things. The easiest would be to find a set of the connector plugs that fit into those sockets and then cut the wires (power and ground) and wire them to whichever accessories you would like them to control. The power wire must go to a power source (could be spliced in behind the radio), and the ground to a ground, with the lights or accessory hooked up in between the switch and the actual power. The other way would be to directly solder you two wires into the switch. In order to find in which direction the current runs (unless your wiring LEDs or some other thing that works regardless of polarity), you probably need one of those volt-meters or circuit continuity testers. Just make sure the button is pressed in and the close the circuit (once it's wired to the power, but before you install the actual accessory. If it works, wire up your stuff and it should be good to go.
  14. I heard from the dealership around the tie I did the brake job that on my car (a '94), there were actually four sensores. Is that wrong?
  15. That is part of what is so confusing. The lights, as with a bunch of lights I installed months ago, are wired directly into a power switch, which I spliced into the power wire that goes to my radio. I didn't cut any factory wires or splice into them. Instead, I ran the power off the power wire that feeds my aftermarket radio, and all the aftermarket lights I connected are all wired through the switch box.
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