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Rx300 Won't Start After Removing Aftermarket Alarm


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i am pretty new to the forum, but i've seen some great tips so far!

now on to my problem...just got a used 2000 rx300 and today removed the aftermarket alarm. however, now the vehicle won't start. i've removed plenty of alarms in my day and have not had this issue before...don't worry i am a mechanic not a theif :D. obviously, i disconnected the battery, then removed the alarm system...then after reconnecting the battery the vehicle cranked, but would not start. i double checked over the wires that i removed and even did the simple lock/unlock with the factory remote...still nothing. everything powers up, keyless entry operates fine. the anti-theft light flashes when the key is in the on position...is this correct? or should it not flash when turning the key on?

one more thought...could it be an anti-theft security issue that could be dealt with by me or would i have to bring it to the dealer?

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!

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