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'03 Es300 Auto-dimming Mirrors

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I have an '01 IS300, but my parents just picked up a fully loaded '03 ES300 after I told them about the quality and service of Lexus. I wish Navi was offered for my car in '01.

Anyways, my question is...

Is the driver's side-view mirror supposed to auto-dim when I press the 'mirror' button on the rear-view mirror? The reason I ask this is because right now, only the rear-view and passenger side-view mirror auto dim when i press the 'mirror' button. It only dims when the sensor on the rear-view mirror detects light form behind. I read the owner's manual and it says that the "OUTSIDE" mirrors will auto-dim.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

P.S. I find myself driving the ES more than my IS now just because of the Navi :D

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you caught my answer on CL, but for those that read this forum. I've got an 02 and both outside mirrors dim with light increasing in rear view mirror.

maybe you got a loose wire in the left mirror. Check to see if the defogging ability is there.


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