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:( I have had a few posts about this problem I have had with my engine pulling back when I accelerate grually. Soon after I began to have a rough idle. After two yes two Lexus diagnostics they finally have "found the problem." They say they found coolant in #3&4 spark plug holes, spark plug wires have a carbon trac-what does that mean? The coolant was cleaned out and I just replaced the plugs and wires no more than 2k ago. In addition, Intake air hose, PCV Vent hose hardened-then need to test drive seems pretty general. Can you guys help me out? Is the Lexus Dealer trying to rip me a new one, ,if not where do I locate the PCV vent hose? and what the hell is carbon trac in spark plug wires?

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Well, coolant in the cylinders is what i would worry about. Do you notice smoke when youre accelerating or any time that youre accelerating? Carbon track in the plug wires might mean carbon deposits where the plug wires meet the plug. normal wear and tear for a high mileage car if thats what theyre talking about

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I haven't seen nor smelt any smoke when I accelerate or idle. The coolant was not in the cylinder; just in the holes where the spark plugs go. Can carbon deposits accumulate that quickly. I have a 92 SC300 w/ 133k. I literally just replaced the cap and rotor; the plugs and wires about 2k ago.

Thankyou for your reply! Any additional info would be appreciated! :)

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