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  1. I have been doing a lot of research on this topic and I found Yhey seel everything I need for the conversion for 735.00 Not too bad. Completely bolt on parts from factory not aftermarket. They have all sorts of other products too!
  2. I have a 1992 SC and I want the 97 front bumper cover. Do you have to do any tweeking or is it considered bolt on. I was hit in the front so I want to know if it would be costly? I know the bumper cover is about 187.00 but I am concerned about the labor b/c it is a modification.
  3. I have had about three diagnostics from the lexus dealer. Every time it is something different. I have now replaced all the plugs and wires twice, the cap and rotor, PCV vent hose and all of the air intake hose. I still have this random misfire when the car is warm at a stop and I still sense a pulling back while accelerating quickly or staying at a constant speed. That is all I can tell you becuae the service manager at lexus is going to get a new whole torn on Monday when he gets back from vacation. I will post more as I find out. I am about to replace the fuel filter as well but not for about a week. Car is in the shop for paint work.
  4. I haven't seen nor smelt any smoke when I accelerate or idle. The coolant was not in the cylinder; just in the holes where the spark plugs go. Can carbon deposits accumulate that quickly. I have a 92 SC300 w/ 133k. I literally just replaced the cap and rotor; the plugs and wires about 2k ago. Thankyou for your reply! Any additional info would be appreciated! :)
  5. If your lights inside on your instrument display go dim or turn off when you try to turn it over, the battery is dead and you will need a new one. What else ahppens when you turn the key to start it?
  6. :( I have had a few posts about this problem I have had with my engine pulling back when I accelerate grually. Soon after I began to have a rough idle. After two yes two Lexus diagnostics they finally have "found the problem." They say they found coolant in #3&4 spark plug holes, spark plug wires have a carbon trac-what does that mean? The coolant was cleaned out and I just replaced the plugs and wires no more than 2k ago. In addition, Intake air hose, PCV Vent hose hardened-then need to test drive seems pretty general. Can you guys help me out? Is the Lexus Dealer trying to rip me a new one, ,if not where do I locate the PCV vent hose? and what the hell is carbon trac in spark plug wires?
  7. The thing that sucks is that there are three O2 sensors and any one of them could be setting off your check engine light. I would recommend that you change them all for security since you have all the original. Once one goes bad the others usually follow. There is one after the catylitic converter and two before the catylitic converter in the engine commpartment. The one after the catylitic converter is a !Removed! because you have to take out the whole center console just to get to it. Then you need a special socket with slit in it to remove it. My advice is to have this one done professionally and do the other two yourself. If you remove your air hose going into your air filter, the O2 sensors in the front are really easy to replace. Lexus charges 329.06 to do these. I had rear O2 sensor replaced for $139.20 but price can vary. They get on on the part cost. Big bucks my friend; sorry. the 329.06 includes the parts. 139.20 does not. If you need help finding the front O2 sensors reply back; otherwise good luck ;)
  8. Thankyou everyone for the advice. I contacted Lexus and they said a new throttle position sensor is 90.00 not including my wholesale disc! not too bad considering TAP recycling wants 95 for a used one with the throttle body.
  9. I have a 1992 sc 300. Is it possible to cgange the front bumper and grill from 1992 to say...1997-2000. I love that front grill below the highbeams! :D
  10. If my car did not come with the seat memory and I buy the memory wood trim will I be able to hook it to my power seat or will I have to find a power seat that came in a sc with the memory?
  11. For about 2 months or so I have been dealing with acceleration problems. I have a 1992 sc300. When I accelerate gradually the car seems to jerk back and forth and the rpm gauge seems to stop then cut back in. I took it to numerous mechanics and I have replaced all the plugs and got a new set of wires. The last time I was at the shop, the problem was fixed by the mechanic adjusting the throttle sensor. This worked for about 3-4 days and now the problem is back! What does the throttle sensor look like and where is it in the engine compartment? About how much do they run? Could ther be another problem? I am tired of dealing with this loss of power. The car still accelerates quickly if I punch the gas pedal down but when a constant speed is held around 40mph and accelerating slowly I feel the jerk and loss of power.
  12. Hey guys, I am in need of some advice. When I am accelerating the engine feels like it is loosing power or fuel because I can feel the engine pull back. This happens only sometimes but happens more often when getting on the freeway when going on an uphill on-ramp. My dad thinks it could have to with my spark plugs, wires, distributor cap/rotor. I need a second opinion. In addtion, what do you guys get when you have a tune up and about how much does it cost. I just changed my oil 100 miles ago and checked the tranmission: it is a little dirty but shifting is smooth still so that can't be it. Please help me! :(
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