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93 Sc300

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hi, im trying to get a low budget car and i found the 1993 SC300 with alot of miles, 208k.

ive test drove it, the engine sounds fine, breaks, acc works fine as well.

it had 2 owners, the 1st one had the car for 9 years, keeping it in a really good condition till 163k and then it went to the 2nd owner for about 2 years.

it was only around 3500 dollars, so im considering.

i'll take it to the tech and get full evaluation.

well, what do you sc300 experts think about this? 208k is a lot of miles.

you think it's worth it?


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I wouldnt even though these r great cars I would save a little money and get one with less miles. 208k is a veteran regardless of what brand a car is. Cars dont only suffer engine wise but tranny wise and all the other stuff in general.. I would save some more $$ and get one with less miles. look arround and dont be afraid to offer...even if they ask $6000 or whatever them them ull give them $4k , who cares....u never know who needs the money or just wants to put a down on a new ride :)

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I think it depends on what has been done to the car. If it has been well maintained, the services have been done and everything is in good order then it's a fair deal. If it's going to need a lot of little things or major repairs then it could end up being a money pit and end up costing you more in the long run. If you like the car, then have it checked out and then take it from there. Post back to let us know how you make out.

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