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Coolant Drain Valve Locations


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I know of the one on the radiator, passenger side of vehicle.  Where are the other two located?  
1995 LS 400.

I would like to flush the entire system but, for the life of me cannot locate the other two drain valves. 

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They're on each side of the engine block, accessible from underneath.  They should look like this:


Loosen the small hex (bolt) and the water should drain out the elbow.  When tightening, don't reef on the bolt; torque = 9 ft.-lb.

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These sit in awkward places on the block. Not easy to see or reach on my driveway. 
Mine was really hard to get loose.  I succeded with one of the and it seems most coolant came out. I had to arrange  a crow foot tool to hold the part screwed into the block firmly while loosening the small valve screw. Some long extensions were needed. 

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