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GX 460 Foggy Headlights @ 13000 miles

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I appreciate your thoughts on this. I bought a new 2019 GX460 and around the 13000 plus miles, I noticed the headlights are foggy when the lights are turned on. I had an oil change done at 17000 miles (May 2022) but forgot to bring it to the dealer's attention. At 26000 Miles(September 2022) I brought it to their attention and their first reaction was that it's not defective enough for the MFG. to warranty it. They have now offered to cover the cost for one headlight and I cover the cost for the other one; approx. $1300.00 out of pocket. The same situation for my tires. I noticed dry rot and excessive wear at the 13000 - 17000 miles. I have hardly driven the vehicle the first few years, until recently being retired.

Are there anyone experiencing excessive tire wear and foggy headlights?  

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Low tire tread life is somewhat typical of OEM tires. Our RX400h needs tires before they had 22,000 miles or so, because of wear due to the tire compound and slight out-of-alignment condition. The dealership did not charge me for an alignment but I had to pay for the tire replacements. Aftermarket tires typically have much longer life than OEM, and Michelin tires are often rated very highly by Consumer Reports with lifespans ranging from 40,000 to 100,000 miles, depending upon the category. Example: Their LTX A/T2 All Terrain tires have a tread life rating of 100,000 miles, whereas their CrossClimate All-Season SUV tires are rated at 40,000 miles of tread life.

Regarding your headlights, have you called Lexus customer service at  1 (800) 255-3987?

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I haven't yet, because I wanted to give my local dealership the opportunity to correct the issue. I have the 48months/48000 miles bumper to bumper warranty. I also wanted to see if anyone else was having similar issues. Thanks for responding and providing me with the contact info. I will keep posting. Thanks, again!

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I called the Lexus customer service and was promised a call back. Not sure if was coincidence, but the dealer called back instead and yet to hear back from customer service. Dealership is setting up an appointment with Lexus to take a look.  The dealer's opinion is that this is cosmetic.  Have a great day!   

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