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Toyota "super" Long Life Engine Coolant (pink)

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Hi guys,

I just received my copy of the spring 2004 Toyota Gazette (a Toyota Canada publication that gives some news & advice on products & services for Toyota owners). In it, it talks about a new engine coolant called Toyota Super long life coolant (a pink fluid that comes already pre-diluted with a 55/45 mix in a 3.7 litre jug) that is suppose to last much longer than the regular Toyota "long life" (red stuff) that I have just put in my 01 ES :chairshot: Although there is no mention of specifics as to how long this stuff is good for both time & milage (kilometers for us Canucks). It is also fully compatible with earlier models according to the brochure. Does anybody have any specifics or "detailed" info on this product or what exactly is in it? Any help is greatly appreciated, I understand the new Toyota/Lexus vehicles come factory equipped with this stuff now. Does it protect any better than the regular "long life" :rolleyes: stuff (cooler operating temps perhaps?) or just a longer interval? & what is the interval exactly? :unsure: Thanks in advance everyone! B)

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From what I remember about it, its 6years or 100k miles. But! Yes- But, you have to completly flush ALL of the other fluid! They say its compatible, but from what the mechanics at Toyota say- they wouldn't suggest the expense of changing it out, and to just use the 2year stuff that came with the car. I'm not sure of the implications if not completely changed out, but it doesn't sound like its worth it.

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