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Oxegen Sensors


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i have a 92 sc400 w 170,000 miles on it and the original o2 sensors. the car runs just as good as when i bought it in 1995 with 57k on it. do i need to replace o2 sensors or wait till there is a problem? how many sensors do i have & how much does it cost to replace them? thanks

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The thing that sucks is that there are three O2 sensors and any one of them could be setting off your check engine light. I would recommend that you change them all for security since you have all the original. Once one goes bad the others usually follow. There is one after the catylitic converter and two before the catylitic converter in the engine commpartment. The one after the catylitic converter is a !Removed! because you have to take out the whole center console just to get to it. Then you need a special socket with slit in it to remove it. My advice is to have this one done professionally and do the other two yourself. If you remove your air hose going into your air filter, the O2 sensors in the front are really easy to replace. Lexus charges 329.06 to do these. I had rear O2 sensor replaced for $139.20 but price can vary. They get on on the part cost. Big bucks my friend; sorry. the 329.06 includes the parts. 139.20 does not. If you need help finding the front O2 sensors reply back; otherwise good luck ;)

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