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  2. Well Sugarhill, why limit the choice to 'Standard' or 'Sport'? We tested a number of configurations and in the process we discovered the hidden jewel. This is our fourth LS and, if we were going to part with our LS460 L and that wonderful V8 it would be for a far more road-worthy, better handling and more engaging automobile. Even if we had to give up some of the magic-carpet ride. As it turns out we didn't have to give anything up. OK, maybe that V8 growl, but not much else. So we ended up with a completely different configuration of a LS500 than we started out for. And we bought it for all the wrong reasons....But this thing carves twisties more like that German three-letter brand. Except it's a luxo-refined LS. With an attitude.
  3. I’m currently doing the timing belt, water pump service on my 05 LS430. I notice a little seepage from the vct sprocket. My question is do the valve covers need to come off to replace the cam seals? Or can I access the seals by removing the vvt sprockets? Also, does anyone know the torque specs for the the various bolts and nuts when doing the timing belt, water pump? Thanks in advance!
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  5. armcomdes, Find a good independent mechanic to solve your issue. Obviously your dealership isn't solving the problem, and an independent mechanic will do the job cheaper. You obviously have a leak in the system which a service tech must find first, repair, and then recharge the system. Be prepared for spending some bucks as some of the parts in the AC system can add up quickly if the problem isn't a simple seal. Good Luck!
  6. I also have been told I have the same PO171 sensor issue on my 2000 Lexus RX300...where is the upstream sensor located? The downstream is easy to find.
  7. Looks like it's designed just for you and Mongolia!! Paul
  8. My first AC Pro recharge lasted 2 years. Next, 1 month. Last, 2 weeks. Do I trust my dealership with the repair? Or should I seek out a third-party repair somewhere in North NJ?
  9. Lexus GXOR concept looks cool. More info to come
  10. Concept vehicles are typically created to generate excitement for the enthusiasts, but sometimes, it's the enthusiasts and their vehicles that give life to the ...
  11. Go for Thule Passage 3 Bike Carrier for Lexus GS 350.
  12. This will close out this thread on replacing the Mark Levinson stereo with another Mark Levinson stereo. I found a clean replacement unit on ebay for a very good price that had the same P Code as the original head unit. I disconnected the battery before I installed the replacement as I figure that is probably the most important thing you want to do to so you don't accidentally activate the theft deterent system. I then plugged in the replacement unit and reassembled the center console. Hooked up the battery and turned it on. The unit came on normally with all functionality including control using the mode control switches on the steering wheel. Not much else to say other than that the unit I purchased is plug and play. It has the same P code as the original unit and I assume this applies to all units as long as it was properly removed. By that I mean that the battery was disconnected prior to unplugging the unit. If it wasn't, I can make no guarantee that a theft deterent feature wouldn't be activated requiring dealer assistance to reset the unit. Paul
  13. Trying to find some motor mounts for my sc400. Best place to buy and what do they look like and price.
  14. I'm looking for a tan leather driver's seat in useable condition for my '95 SC300. Any sources out there?
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  16. Reviving this old thread for anyone who might benefit from my experience. My 2007 ES350 recently had the no volume control problem (Broken volume control). Had same problem on another even older car, and same symptoms on my friend's Highlander. Searching the Web, found two solutions. The basic problem is corrosion on the contacts inside the volume control, perfectly normal / typical problem you'll see on most any older audio equipment, not a Unicorn, not Lexus specific, something your local friendly dealer has probably no idea about - other than replacing the radio for 3-4 figure price. Phooey! Fix #1 is, while radio is turned OFF, rotate the volume control 30-40 turns clockwise, and same counterclockwise. Try the radio, if fixed, great, if not, try it again a few times. This will *often* get the corrosion off, and your volume control will work fine - for a while. Fix #2 is a longer-term solution, again, you want to get rid of the corrosion, what you need is a small spray can of "Contact Cleaner" Contact Cleaner @ amazn that will wash off the corrosion - How to use it is explained in this YouTube video: HERE BTW.. Again, this is not Lexus or ES350 specific, both fixes will work on other radios, make of car does not matter. Hope this helps, it worked for me. Use Fix #2 at your own risk / digression, I'm take no responsibility for any damage that might occur, just passing on my experiences.
  17. Did the crank sensor do the job? I'm very curious as we have a 2000 lexus gs300 and it is doing the exact same thing yours is or was doing
  18. The tech is correct sort of. The transmission is filled with transmission fluid that would last about 150k or so before completely breaking down therefore many original owners would sell the RX350 before any major issue occur in theory hence the lifetime claim. However, the fluid should be changed before 100k miles to prevent the start of transmission failure for vehicles running more than 100k miles. The transmission also has a filter that needs changing as well after 100k miles. So if you are going to trade the RX350 in at 100k miles or soon after then the fluid is lifetime and no change is necessary. However, If you buying a used high mileage RX350 with 60k miles or more; or keeping your current RX350 well past 150k miles then I would change the fluid ever 60k miles and the filter at 120k miles to reduce the change of a transmission failure. The transmission has a drain plug,level plug and a fill plug or just a drain plug with level tube and fill plug. However, the level is determined by a level tube located over the level plug that only allow certain amount of fluid to drain out based on fluid temperature expansion. The video shows how to it works on a seal transmission without dipstick. Similar to the RX350.
  19. I would check under the seat to check the hoses that feed the seat cool air. The hoses may have ripped or came loose. I repaired a cooled seat on my 2015 Genesis by using HVAC tape to repair a torn hose that was loose. The seats started to cool again. Hopefully, the issue on your RX350 is a similar easy fix.
  20. The short answer is yes a owner should follow the maintenance schedule. Manufacturer recommended services are usually needed for the car to provide dependable service. Will the car stop working and break down if the recommended service is not performed? Maybe not, however I believe that cars that are properly maintained per the service chart is more dependable as time goes.
  21. To my understanding you will have to remove the intake manifold to access the rear plugs, so no easy way that I have heard of. My wife's 2011 RX350 AWD have hit 98k miles so it is time for me to tackle this job as well. I have done a similar difficult spark plug job on my wife's old 2006 Nissan Murano AWD which required more work due to having to remove the wiper motor and cowl section in addition to the intake manifold. I will use this video to help me do my wife's 2011 RX350 sparkplugs. The 2010+ highlander is very similar to our 2010+ Rx350 so same method more or less.
  22. Thanks for your feedback Paul. No the red light on the fob is not continuously on. its only comes on along with the beep from the car when ever a button on the fob is pressed. i usually keep the fob in my pocket, like i do my other car keys but only the ES350 key fob has had this issue. i recently purchased a key fob on ebay which i intend to take to a Lexus dealership for programing but i wanted to check with folks on the Forum to see if anyone had experienced this and if there is a fix for it besides replacing the fob.
  23. Just by chance, is the red light on the fob on continuous? My initial guess is that one of the buttons is stuck continuously. Lots of ways that can be wrong because if it was then the stuck button feature would most likely activate when you get close to the car. I get the impression that is not an issue. I doubt its a battery issue because you have gone through so many. Do you have a second fob? If so try it. I have never heard of an "immobilizer" issue that could cause such an issue, but if more that one fob is affected you might have to conclude that your issue is external. My long shot guess is that you have some trash in the fob causing a power short inside. But again, I doubt that because you would have addressed that after changing the battery a couple of times or the fob would just would quit working altogether. And lastly, if you keep your keys in your pocket or purse(?), could it be causing the fob to activate. Im just trying to hit all the possibilities. Most likely is that you just have a defective fob. Let us know if you find out something that would help others. Paul
  24. Is anyone providing repair services for the audio and nav motorized door assembly? I am waiting to install my replacement Mark Levinson stereo because I dont want to have to pull it back out again. Thanks for any assist. Psul
  25. There are too many possibilities to speculate which is why you need a trained tech with appropriate equipment to diagnose. If I had to guess, the problem might be a defective spark plug coil. But a defective engine or transmission mount could cause a similar vibration.
  26. Hello, has anyone experienced very rapid battery drain on Lexus remote key/fob before? The battery on my remote key/fob expires every 10 - 12 days and i've gone through more than 10 batteries in the last 3 months. I've heard that i may need to replace the remote. But I'll like other opinions. I wouldn't want to buy a new remote key/fob is the old one can simply be fixed and sorted out. Thanks in advance of your feedback.
  27. Hi, i am new on the forum. i'm hoping to get some help/guidance with a challenge with my ES350 2008 model year. 3 weeks ago , my car suddenly came up with this 'fault message' on its dash - 'Low Engine Oil Level Indicator '.. i had done an Oil replacement in April. i also checked my oil level as soon as I saw this , and the Oil level is okay - well gauged. I've checked every other day just to make double sure and its always gauged and on the right level. The alarm/notice clears after a few minutes of driving, But continues to come and go every other day until the last 4 days where it seems to have worsened and become pretty regular/ more frequent. Today i've noticed that the light and fault message has been steady. It hasn't cleared for a minute. My Oil level is still okay, not short at all. Has anyone experienced this? Any idea of what this could be and how it can be resolved? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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