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  2. Sorry to hear about the accident but I'm glad that your ok. Also congrats on the new to you 98.
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  4. My car 1995 Lexus ES 300 not sound when I use keyless entry even I set max the remote volume. Does anyone know where the beep HORN for this remote entry system?
  5. Our RX350 is 2015 and has the USB port that our old Apple Ipods works fine with. I also have a nice MP3 player with a lot of my music stored on it. The MP3 player works great in my 2016 4Runner limited but it can't connect to the 2015 Lexus. Am I doing something wrong or could this be the type of format I used when loading the MP3 player? The player uses file terms like MP3, WAP and a couple others but I can't find what works in the RX350.
  6. I have to post a correction now. Thanks to Scott aka ppine. I said there was no aftermarket support for the rear shocks and apparently I am wrong. He found some replacement coilovers from a company called K Sport USA Aftermarket Performance. Always glad to be wrong about expensive parts. Even though we have coilovers already installed (the term "coilovers" is used as kind of a marketing ploy to make it sound like its super exotic and better), K Sport has a pretty wide selection of coilover options if you are looking to do a little more tricking out including big brake kits and even air suspension. Thanks Scott. Paul
  7. I don't think this can be a bigger issue for which you need to hire any kind of locksmith.
  8. I am curious to this topic as I once had a 99 and now I own a 98 Ls 400. I wanted to disconnect the DRL in my 99 so I could install LED high beams but my car got totaled before I got a chance. Now with my 98 it does NOT have DRL’s and was important for installing the LED high beams because you can’t if you have DRL lights.
  9. I'm going to have new OEM fit Bilstein struts put on the back of the '02 GS300 - hoping to be better than those brands, but I can let you know later this week how compares to when it was new.
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  11. Just bought my 2nd 2nd gen gs300 , first was a bit of a basketcase ,leaky cam seals ,PO put bigger injectors in ,supra front brakes and lil else 250k and rear wheel bearings started howling...motor had less miles but never really ran well....fastforward a cpl week's and I see another on CL $900 needed fender and headlight on pass side and a new belt tensioner pulley . For being in Maine it is totally rust free, assuming it led a very pampered life as a business persons company car that likely rarely saw rain let alone its history I don't know much besides it sat in a garage for 3 years with....get this ...348k...touch the key and it purrs like it had 48k .With the exception of the stereo that was removed and the partially installed new system everything works flawlessly as it should. I am not sure how many *options* were available but I do seem to be lacking heated seats and no nav system if that was a thing in...oh the first one was a 98 and this new one is a its credit and soon to be a part of the 2k's the 98 also has a fairly nice black interior 😊.
  12. Hi can anyone help me ? my 1996 Lexus es300 my Hydraulic cooling fan runs faster than normal what could it be
  13. I was tired of looking at the yellow, hazy headlights, so I decided to do something about them today...
  14. The drivers seat in my ladies 2009 Rx350 is showing wear. The passenger seat is mint. I'm thinking of swapping seats. ie put the drivers seat on the passenger side and visa versa. is this an easy swap? any tricks or tips I should know about? I have a good assortment of tools and know how to use a wrench cheers
  15. Buy a cheap scanner for $20 first The shop def a rip off. Oem MAF sensor is $14 on ebay. Labor is 5 min you do yourself.
  16. I am about to install K Sport Pro coilovers on my 2006. They cost $810 which is only slightly more than stock replacements. The aftermarket shocks are adjustable for tension and ride height. They will be easier to install.
  17. I forgot to mention that it will also blow hot air if you switch from Auto air to one of the manual air modes. It won't blow hot immediately, but you you pretty much have to stay on Auto to keep it cool.
  18. My '07 RX350 is having some AC problems. I had the compressor changed about 2 years ago & the evaporator coil changed about a year ago. It started out that I had a small, short whine noise when it got really hot outside, like 97*, & the AC would quit blowing cold. If you turned the AC off, waited a minute or so, and turned it back on, it would work fine. My mechanic couldn't find anything wrong. Now it has progressed to no whine noise, but if I run a bunch of errands, it will not blow cold when I restart the car-again, if I turn it off, wait, & turn it back on, it works fine. And now it will randomly blow warm air in the middle of me riding around-same deal-turn off, wait, turn on & it's fine again. Anyone have this problem? Any ideas what this could be? I am so nervous to mess with the evaporator coil again as that mechanic cracked the dash all up! So hoping it is not that!
  19. I went from a Camry XLE w/sunroom to the RX 350 w/sunroof, and I can’t tell the difference. Both seem a bit too noisy for being high-end models. Your sound system should have automatic volume increase set for speed increments some place in your settings menu.
  20. That is a bummer to find out that your Lexus was driven for a couple of years in the rust belt and you weren’t told. All cars are now treated to go many years in the salt and rust belt states, but sure, it does look a bit ugly. If you avoid the salt Latitudes, you should have no further problems, as long as you stay in the waiting room when it’s on the rack for service.
  21. Late response, but something that happend to me recently was that I originally purchased the wheel and tire protection; but cancelled 4 months later. A week after that, I swerved out of the way of a car cutting me off on the road and hit a curb. I ended up with 2 blown tires and bent rims. Good news is I was reimburst $700; bad news is it went to new tires and rims. Now I dont have coverage for future incidences. I would recommend keeping it if you already added it.
  22. I was able to find this part which is the large oval rubber weather strip that goes on the body frame itself that seals the rear hatch. I am not sure of any other seal for the rear hatch. However, I have the 2011 model.
  23. There is a slot in each of the two sun visors -- on the opposite side of the visor from the vanity mirror. Anyone know authoritatively know what these are for? I have read opinions that they have something to do with the Mark Levin stereo system acoustics and also that they are merely slots to hold parking cards, etc. Anyone know for certain?
  24. I have read both the manual and the quick ref guide but cannot determine the methodology for shutting off the Power Easy Access System. Has anyone cracked the code on this?
  25. Anyone else out there know what could be the problem. I didn't have the battery disconnected for very long. I still have use of climate control and lights, but the stereo will not turn on. Thanks
  26. I decided to get some K Sport coilovers from MAPerformance. They are adjustable and also can adjust the ride height. At 96k miles I am replacing all four.
  27. Moderators spat their coffee out lol
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