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  2. The first pi The first pic is the fill hole for the coolant. You remove the bolt to bleed the system. I have a 98 which is slightly different but here's a video to get you started. I would flush the whole system if it were my car. The coolant seems to have a leak and is crusty. The coolant probably has NEVER been changed. I would also refill with Toyota red coolant or the equivalent you can find at advance auto which is Zerex Asian. The second pic is the heater valve which control the heat in the car. The 2 hoses are supposed to be connected to the valve which opens and closes when you change the heat settings.
  3. Hi folks, What do you see in these photos? When my little sister’s beat-up, un-maintained 1995 LS400 broke down, she got another car and was going to give the Lexus away for scrap, so I told her I would try to at least fix it up enough to drive and see if I can get a few hundred dollars out of it for her on Craigslist. I have never owned or worked on one of these cars before (just my old Volvo and my wife’s old Outback) so I am hoping maybe one or two of you kind folks might help me figure a few things out (and go easy on me for being completely unfamiliar with the car). After diagnosing a dead battery (and a completely flat tire), one of the next things I noticed in the engine is this pair of leaks. I have no idea what the parts are that they are on, and have not been able to find any kind of labeled engine diagram or anything like thaton Google.
  4. 2002 LS430--Door lock function mysteriously changed. When locking or unlocking car with fob, exterior lights don't flash and there's no beep. No clue what changed. Also, when in park and exiting the car, the driver's door handle unlocks the driver's door--all other doors remain locked. I would like all doors unlocked automatically. My other car (Mazda) unlocks all doors, so when I jump out and go to open the rear door, no problem. In the LS430, I hop out and reach for the rear door handle, but it's locked. Waaah. My life is too complicated and hard to have to remember to unlock the rear door before getting out. Ideas?
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  6. Hi all! New here and I have an interesting question. I actually have an imported 1992 Toyota Celsior (the RHD Japanese version of the LS400). This is a bone stock, absolutely mint condition car with 20k actual miles. However...the climate control INDICATOR lights do not light up (the green light signifying the button is active). The backlighting works, my LCD screen is nice and clear and bright, but for example if I push fan speed or AC button they will beep and work but no green light. What is weird is this car has rear AC as well and THAT green indicator light does not light. Any suggestions? I ordered a set of "bulbs" off eBay but some quick browsing says that the indicator lights are soldered in? I am new here so this may have been answered previously and I apologize. Everything works on this car but those indicator lights. Am I missing something? Thanks for your time!
  7. its the starter.had the same exact problem.
  8. Hi there, Is there anyone use HHO dry cell generator on the lx470? any recommend kit?
  9. Can you email me the factory trailer wiring harness routing and schematic for the 04 RX330 if you have it please. Thank you.
  10. Hi...I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a Pebble Beach Edition coin nameplate, in which mine is missing, just bought a 2006 Pebble Beach, and it is missing that coin badge, I know that Lexus has discontinued that part...thank you.
  11. The Mark Levinson audio system of my GS 350 has no audio. It always turn on with Audio Off and there is nothing I can do to have audio. So I cannot hear any music, however I still can use my Cellphone bluetooth and have a call thru the speakers. So this is very weird. This showed up after replacing the car battery but I had audio right after battery replacement for 1 day. So suddenly it stopped working. I have read many threads on checking the fuses, rebooting the system and disconnecting the battery, I have tested all these suggestions but nothing has worked so far. I just cannot believe that just by replacing a car battery will damage the amplifier. However, I think that if the amp is damaged, why can I still have a phone call go thru the speakers ?? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  12. Well ,,, it's possible that the problem could be in the radio head unit since that is what sends the audio signals to the amplifier. When I had low volume on a Nakiamichi system in a 2000 LS400 a long time ago, the problem was in the in-dash head unit - fixed by a Florida company. When a friend had similar low volume in a 1999 LS400, the problem was an old defective phone ECU that was grounding out and muting the audio system. Uninstalling the phone ECU solved that one. Does your RX happen to have an old Lexus phone system?
  13. I have a 1999 Lexus RX300 with the same problem ordered a different amp off the internet but still no sound what could be the problem?? Please anything would be helpful at this point
  14. My suggestion is to avoid using fuel additives or randomly replacing things and to take your RX to a Lexus dealership for an evaluation. 115000 km is quite low. We have a heavier Toyota Sienna Limited van that has the same engine and transmission as your RX. It is at 95,000 miles (about 153,000 km), runs perfectly and averages from 18 to 24 miles per gallon (13.1 to 9.8 L/100km). It has been maintained according to the maintenance schedule. We live in a warmer climate where temperatures average between -10 to +10 Celsius in Winter but colder temperatures should not make much difference unless you are extensively idling the engine to warm it before driving. The spark plugs should be good to 192,000 km / 120,000 miles. I've always waited to 120,000 mles to change spark plugs per the maintenance schedule and old spark plugs always looked like new. Using premium 91 octane fuel really isn't necessary. Toyota recommends regular gasoline for the same engine in the Sienna and it runs fine on regular.
  15. Looking for some help. I have a 2017 NX200t. I have read the comments above but still can't figure out on how to get the digital speed to display? If there is a way, where can I find it in the menu? Thanks
  16. I bought this certified preowned @2013 from Lexus. I put a bottle of Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron in a 3/4 full gas tank 4 days ago, I have not seen any improvement yet but it might take more time because I have not gone through the whole tank yet. Also I always used premium octane 91 thinking its a must. I will try to check the spark plugs in a few weeks or ask a mechanic to do it for me if things does not improve.
  17. Any folks in the Northeast familiar with any auto electrical specialists I can take my RX to?
  18. Airi2010 if you are mechanically inclined I would take †he plugs out and check †hem. Mind you the back three plugs are very tricky †o get out but you will be able to do it wth the right tools. It’s possible you also may have leaky Injectors I would recommend some fuel injectors cleaner. I use Amsoil PI Additive 355mL every couple of tank full or when I go on a long trip before I would do anything, I would try this way first. By the way i burn regular gas in my 2010 Rx 350 never have used premium as recommended by Lexus. If you go to a dealer they will recommend fuel system flush and a tune up which could end up being very expensive. Are you the original owner Of this vehicle ? According to Lexus schedule maintenance replace spark plug (192,000Km)
  19. Thanks. Milage is relatively low (115000km), air filter has been replaced recently. For tune up, is this something that dealer can do or better do or need to go to shops that specialize in tune up? I have never done this before. I also tried a bottle of liqui moly last week but have not seen any improvment. based the mileage you get something must be wrong on mine
  20. OK, I been digging and digging. Been to all sorts of off-road after market and race after market vendors, and no Posi's available ... It is believed that this is the Toyota 6.7" ring gear diff ... But Toyota made lots of OEM Posi's it seems. The RX uses a differential carrier and gear selection designated -02A as shown at the bottom of the build plate in the door jam. This rear carrier and differential were available with a Posi (Torsen), all gear - no clutch, center section in RX's from 99 to 00. Then Lexus dropped the option. The same rear end was used in RAV4's, Highlanders, and RX's for many years. Any independent suspended vehicle that shows -02A can prolly use this rear end ... If you put this phrase into the search block in eBay, you will come up with a selection of used OEM LSD differential carriers. The wrecking yard interchnage number is 440-58865A Carrier Rear 2.928 Ratio Locking Fits 01-03 HIGHLANDER
  21. Mine is 96, I can relate to 95 and 97 models. There are 2 resonators near the exhaust outlets. Whoever told you that it has 4 cats doesn't know what they were talking about.
  22. i am running a p 171 code.just changed pcv and hose feels kinda loose.just added sea foam concentrate 2 weeks ago any chance of clogging fuel filter.its a 1999 ls 400
  23. Did you read the section about EV mode in your owners manual? It starts on page 139 of the 2019 Lexus ES300h owners manual which you can view online at It's probably working normally. One has to really "baby" the throttle to stay in EV mode in a non-PHEV Toyota hybrid. I've experimented with keeping my wife's Prius in EV mode as long as possible but can't after I drive out of our cul-de-sac due to very slight upward slopes in both directions and needing to go fast enough to avoid antagonizing or getting rear-ended by other drivers. A limitation of non-PHEV hybrid Toyota/Lexus vehicles sold in the North America seems to be their Ni-MH traction batteries. The same vehicles sold in Europe with lithium ion traction batteries have longer EV ranges at higher speeds. EV mode is more useful when the vehicle is just barely creeping along or not moving, e.g. entering/exiting our garage, when stopped at a traffic light or otherwise "idling" and waiting. I like how I can be waiting in line for a car wash bay on a hot summer day in silence with the hybrid system in EV mode and the interior being cooled by the all-electric A/C system. We like EV mode a lot and are leaning towards replacing our 2012 Prius with a 2021 RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid which should become available later this year - it is supposed to go up to 40 miles at normal street/highway speeds in EV mode before the ICE kicks it. The RAV4 Prime will have a lithium ion traction battery like most PHEV's and full EV's. 40 miles is far more than my wife drives in a typical day. We're also considering the upcoming Tesla Model Y but aren't willing to pre-order without a test drive. A range increase to 320 miles was recently announced for the Model Y.
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  25. But why did the fuse blow in the first Place? Seems like it might happen again if you don't identify the underlying problem?
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