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  1. My '95 ES300 reports to have a 18.5Gallon fuel tank capacity. However, when i fill up at 1/4 remaining, it only fills up 9 gallons, and recently i couldnt find a gas station and i went pretty low, the low fuel light even went on, i think it only filled up about 13 gallons. Does that mean i have over 5 gallons/100 miles left once my fuel gauge hits Empty and the light goes on? This seems wrong to me, although thats the way it seems to add up. Not that im going to start driving on low, but for informational purposes im interested. Thanks!!
  2. I took off the air filter housing, and just stared at the fuel filter for a while... For the life of me i cant understand how to remove the bottom end of the filter. I read that its pretty hard to take the fuel filters off on the 95 es300 but cmon now, Ive never given up on a car diy challenge but this piece of work might have to be handed off to a shop if its really necessary to replace. The car has 150k miles, i bought it 4 years ago at 100k miles and i've been taking care of it, trying to extend the life of the car, so this fuel filter which is original, does it have to be changed? I have
  3. I got under the car, (not too far under, just a little, with ramps) and saw that many of the bottom surfaces were wet with oil. Thats why i asked for a suggestion. I was hoping for a "if its not the plug or filter then its this" If its not that easy, then i guess ill have to do my own investigation... unless someone has somewhere specific to point me to. Thanks!!
  4. I changed my own oil and filter a few days ago. Since then I have had an oil leak. I'm no expert, this was my 3rd oil change but I dont think i screwed anything up... The leak is not coming from the pan plug because thats dry, and its not coming from the filter because that is dry too. I change my oil every 5k miles. Im using Castrol GTX 10w40 high mileage with a purolator filter. I can smell oil burning when i get out of the car, it even smokes a little bit. In the few days 3-4 since the oil change, i have lost about half a quart. I have no idea where the leak is coming from. Any ideas or
  5. This didn't happened suddenly. It has just gradually gotten worse in the past 6 months. I feel like im towing something when im climbing up to 50mph, after that i cruise and even ride at 75 just fine, but it feels like i have slightly less power accelerating. Also im noticing about a 10% loss in gas mileage. I feel like these 2 symptoms are related because they started around the same time. Recently I have been working on a few major scheduled maintenance projects. Between last week and this week, I will have changed my oil, my coolant, transmission fluid, change fuel filter, and replace both
  6. Why do you use the domestic? Their import one says it is recommended for Toyotas when their domestic one says its for GM & Ford.
  7. I want to do a tranny drain and fill. I have been reading that its best to put Toyota brand ATF into our transmissions. I went to my local Toyota dealership and they told me that they only have dexron III in barrels and not in bottles for sale... and he said he has not seen Toyota dexron III in years. He told me to get any brand i see at an auto parts store. Does ATF brand matter? Or does dexron III mean it meets the same qualifications so they are all the same? Thanks!
  8. I'm not sure if i just had bad luck on my first try with the ramps when they shot back, or if putting the car into "2" (which makes sense in theory) but I tried what you said, putting the car in 2 and i had no problems getting on the ramps (didnt need the boards). Thanks steviej!
  9. Usually i change my own oil but on occasion, i take it to a local shop for them to do it. Whenever I change my own oil, when i remove the old oil filter, all the oil pours out of the filter all over my engine. The filter on my '95 ES300 is at a downward angle, I try to put a rag under the filer and my oil bucket under the car but most of the oil in the filter pours out when i unscrew the filter. How do you remove it and not have all the oil pour out? After every oil change, my car looks like its overheating for 2 days, with the spilled oil heating up and smoking up. Not a huge deal, but i
  10. I never thought of oil changes as difficult. Considering that all this valve does is save you from removing the bolt, for $26 after shipping... I think I will continue to unscrew the drain bolt. If i could buy one of these at a store for $6 i probably would. Not $26 though. Just my opinion though. Pretty cool in principle though. EDIT* If I ever HAD to replace my drain bolt, I would buy one of these, but i wouldnt buy it to replace something that does the job already.
  11. I bought a set of Rhino Ramps at Pep Boys for $40. They are rated at 12,000Lbs GVW. So before anyone tries to tare me a new one because I have plastic ramps, my '95 ES300 is nowhere near 12,000Lbs GVW. On to my dilemma. Before I purchased them, I read that people had a problem with getting on the ramps because they slid forward. I made sure I wouldn’t have this problem by wedging the ramps up to a lip in my driveway between the driveway and the garage. I aligned the ramps to my front tires, drove up the edge of the ramps, and slowly began to drive on up the ramps. All was going well until I
  12. For the past 2 weeks or so, my 95 ES300 has had a slight problem starting. When the car is cold, if i turn the ignition, I hear a loud buzzing/grinding noise coming from the engine area, the loud buzz lasts for 2-3 seconds and then the car cranks and then starts. Even if i let it idle for 10 seconds, and turn it off and then on again, the buzzing wont happen again, the car starts fine, so this only happens when the car is completely cold. Any ideas what could this be? Thanks guys.
  13. hmm so after i went in to replace the cluster lights. i finished up and later that day when i was driving i pressed the outside temp button and it said it was -22F when it was probably in the high 80's.. weird.. so i disconnected the battery, thinking that was the problem, connected the battery again, checked the temp and sure enough it was 86F.. ive never had that happen before.. not a big deal but would anyone have any idea why that happened?
  14. Hey everyone, I am going to buy 8 LED's to replace the bulbs of the instrument cluster, I not sure whether to get blue or white LED's. I searched around this forum for someone having a blue color cluster but i couldnt find any pictures. Does anyone have a suggestion for which color i should make my cluster? if anyone finds pictures please attach them, i appreciate it. Thanks guys.
  15. So here is how it started, i have Sirius satellite radio in my car transmitting to an FM station, i had it on a moderate volume and all of a sudden it started to skip and make a popping noise, i turned off sirius and went on a local FM station and the same thing was happening, skipping and popping, then it just went out. the speakers made no static or noise, i put a tape into the tape deck and plugged the tape into my sirius radio so that sirius would transmit through the tape.. and it made no noise.. i turned the radio off a few times and it didnt work, then i left it off for 15 mins and when
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