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  1. Yeah. FInally I saw this post, I've been looking for these parts. Though, there isn't enough place to remove the bolts.
  2. Yeah. Try looking at salvage yards first. You can still get some decent stuffs there at a cheap price. You can also do a local search online.
  3. I am planning to rebuild my old project too. I want to start at my old head gaskets & some coolant though have one question to ask. For how long did you get the Thermostat Gasket & the 2 Water Pipe O-rings work together?
  4. The best thing that you need to do is to examine both compressor & headers. I can't tell exactly what but try to weigh those two.
  5. Yeah. That is one thing that annoys me. There isn't enough place to remove the bolts.
  6. Any further findings about this man? I am also curious about this certain scenario so I wanna know.
  7. Here's the guide for tail pipe replacement guide before you clean your stuffs. It comes in handy. Just read through.