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  1. Call me I would like to buy or trade for your car.  Florida 321-508-8208 or thank you  Ralph

  2. I have my 1992 Lexus SC300 for sale. It is a full show car ! It has been featured in Import Tuner magazine. It has won first place trophys at HIN Hot Import Nights and other various car shows. I have two SC300s right now and its just time for a change. All the little flaws on the car will be addressed by me. If you come look at the car you will see what I mean. The new owner of the vehicle will basically be getting a perfect car. Price = $14,500 or best offer. I am not hurting for money so your lowball offers will not be needed. Please email me with any questions. I would like to tra
  3. I have had 20x8.5s on my SC300 with no issues at all. The only difference I noticed was that there was alot less tire so the ride was bumpier. They clear everything well just they rub a little during U-Turns.
  4. I enjoy very much. Those wheels are amazing!
  5. You will not have to do any suspension work as long as you are not switching to a 20 inch+ size wheel or a wheel that is 9.5+ inches wide. If you want to buy factory lexus wheels they will fit and look great!!!
  6. If you dont drive over 85 miles per hour it shouldnt matter what speed rating your tires have. Just expect that if you buy a knock-off brand tire that the miles you will get from them will be reduced by about a third.
  7. It should fit with no problems. I have 2 sc300s and probably 5 sets of wheels. I have 18x9.5 on one of them and 19x10 on the other. The only rubbing I have encountered was with the 20x8.5s that I have which was a 245/35ZR20... It only rubbed while making U-Turns. I hope this helps.
  8. The best thing I could suggest is to find a reliable mechanic that will charge you roughly $45-$55 an hour for labor. I have seen mechanics break or bend items on customers cars when brought in for diagnosis to inflate the repair costs. Also try to stay at the shop when they are working on the car so when the computer says 5.5 hours labor for a minor jobs that takes less than an hour to do they might be able to charge for two hours... Just a thought.
  9. I have two SC300s and they both have a similar rip in the factory carpet to the left side of the drivers seat. Rips goes from the floor to the door sill, Straight up. I was wondering what this was from? I purchased both of my cars used and they both had it from the point of me owning it. If anyone has an answer I am just curious. Thanks.
  10. It should fit as long as the blot pattern is 5x114
  11. Do you have any pictures of this exhaust?
  12. Any fabrication shop can make you a nice custom license plate mount without drilling into your bumper.
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