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  1. Cannot believe your spark plugs and a coil is bad. I am driving a 2004 Rx330 with 332,000 Km. Never replaced the plugs. Motor still runs smooth. Never had ant problem with emission. Please check at another dealership.
  2. It helps to mix the hot air & cold air according to the information from climate control. Motor controls the opening with a damper connected to it. There are two motors for Driver side & passanger side, which are bit difficult to reach under the dash board. Look at this link to get an idea of a different car Thanks for the interest.
  3. Hi! Is there anybody who had to replace the driver side servomotor? I was told by a dealer It cost lot of money as they got to remove the dashboard. Part is not costly but the labour. I want to make sure whether it is true. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Mason. looks like I cannot go through this procedure myself. Is it necessary to remove the dashboard to access these parts? In that case, I have to go to dealership anyway.
  5. Hi! I would like to get some help to resolve this problem. I am using 2004 RX330. I is cold in Toronto now and I was trying to use my heater last week. I found that there is no hot air coming to drivers side. Only the passenger side is getting hot. Can somebody advice me how to fix this? several weeks ago, I heard a clicking sound (like a relay) from under the dashboard on passenger side. It stopped after couple of weeks. Thanks for the advice in advance
  6. I have done 311,000 km on my RX330 (2004) without any additives or Injector cleaning. Even the spark plugs were not replaced. It is still running like brand new.
  7. Hi! please go to any Lexus dealership. With the VIN, they will find out when and at what mileage the Timing belt was replaced, provided previous owner replaced at a dealer. Most people replace the belt at dealership first time.
  8. To my surprise, I cannot find power steering fluid change in my owner’s service manual. Even the dealer never mentioned that. All other changes are mentioned with interval but power steering. Anybody got an idea why? Also can somebody tell me how often the fluid change to be done? It was never performed for my 2004 RX 330. Thank you!
  9. Thanks for your reply. But I am pretty sure that there will not be any oil leaks due to the change. Long time ago when they first invented synthetic oil, that problem came up. But new oils are compatible with regular oil. You can switch back & forth without any trouble.
  10. Can someone please tell me what the best mileage for the oil change is if I use synthetic oil (for RX330)? I have changed my regular oil @ 8,000 km as per maintenance manual and switched to synthetic recently. Thank you!