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  1. Sam...the plugs were fine. It was a bad ignition coil. See my post above :)
  2. Sorry for the very long delay. I just ended up driving my other car until I had time to deal with the Lexus. So I went back to a different AutoZone to get the codes & that time only 2 codes came up. P0300 & P0356. Ignition coil 6 was bad, which lucky for me was an easy fix. All warning lights went off after driving about 200 miles. Thanks for all the input guys!
  3. I'm going to have another place run it again & see if the same thing comes up again. They didn't give me the print out of the codes when I went the other day. I believe the ones in the car currently are iridium
  4. diagnostic came back with missfire codes for all 6 spark plugs...so in that case should i pursue lexus to replace? Factory warranty is done.
  5. right now there is a little under 87,000 on it....I hope mine is not the same as the one you linked to lol...definitely don't have the time to do it myself if that's the case...more money out the window womp womp. In your opinion: If I need to replace one ignition coil do you think I should just replace them all at this point considering the mileage & the car has not yet had a tune up? All other routine services have been done on the car according to the carfax I was given when I purchased it.
  6. My CEL & VSC came on & I determined it wasn't an issue with the gas cap. Went to AutoZone & diagnostic threw 7 codes. Need to replace all 6 spark plugs & 1 ignition coil. I've only had this car since July, so I haven't gotten my hands dirty with it yet or even looked under the hood for that matter. Too busy to be crazy into my cars now. Anyway, my question is will I be able to change all the spark plugs myself, or will I need to take out the intake to get to some of them? Also, will I be able to easily replace the ignition coil myself? Thanks!