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  1. Thanks for the reply! I thought about doing that as well. I really like 2001+ grills.
  2. I vote thin chrome, my wife says thick chrome. B) Thanks for the reply! Ill post new pictures once I install my new grill.
  3. LexusG3

    Meet the Lexus family.

    I own the 2nd generation and 3rd generation Lexus. I love them both equally. The new lexus has such a beautiful design to them but the 2nd generation has something that I cant get over. Such class, drives fast, worth a lot of cash, my love for all Lexus is equal for any future models and the ones from the past.
  4. Chrome grill Black grill Chrome grill but teeth are thinner I want opinions on what grill should I go with, I have a black gs300. I painted my grill black and it looks okay but I would like to switch, opinions appreciated.
  5. Provide some before and after pics, ive been thinking of getting a front lip spoiler. Im leaning towards TTE version.
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