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  1. The 3 year warranty on my 2006 GS300 that I bought in 2009 recently expired so I started looking around online for a replacement. I experienced some sticker shock as some of the quotes covering the car for the next 5 years were three to four thousand dollars. The car has 46k miles, receives regular service and has been pretty reliable to date. I'm weighing whether to pony up for a new warranty or simply bite the bullet if something major ever happens to my car. Can anyone share any horror stories regarding expensive Lexus service repairs on their vehicle?
  2. Thanks for the reply and for pointing out some things I had not considered. I guess I will have to live with my GS 300 steering wheel.
  3. I have a 2006 GS 300 and would like to know if it's easy to change out the steering wheel with a 2006 or newer LS? Why you ask? Because I like to drive with my hand in the six o'clock position and as you know the design of the GS 300 steering wheel does not allow me to do so\the LS does.
  4. DC - the battery is a OEM Toyota battery. I am not sure if it is the original or was replaced as part of the certified pre-owner program. I raised the hood and tried to view the dates but could not see it. 1990LS400 - My main concern was the $165 price tag to replace the battery which seems a bit excessive. I checked online and saw replacement batteries at Autozone were around $115 so I assume the rest of the Lexus price would be for 15 minutes of labor. Like you, my cheap tolerance level is high so I am not opposed to running the battery into the ground since I have towing as part of my insurance. One thing you said has me wondering if I should just bite the bullet though - "And OEM Lexus/Toyota batteries are pretty darned good and have lasted longer than most of the aftermarket batteries, including the expensive ones, I've bought."
  5. The paperwork simply says "battery fails performance test" and then recommendation is "replace battery" I purchased the car in 2009 and it is a 2006 model so I assume the battery is approaching the end of its natural life cycle. The car still cranks fine for the time being.
  6. As part of my 35k mile check up my Lexus dealer said I needed to replace the battery as it failed the tests. The dealer wants $165 for a battery which seems a bit excessive to me. Can anyone justify this expense for me or suggest a more reasonable place I could go to buy a battery and have it installed? Thanks in advance.
  7. Has anyone heard of or experienced problems with the protective plastic undercarriage (skid plate) tearing away from the screws at high speed (prolonged speed @ 70-75 mph)? I had my oil changed about two weeks ago and drove from Charlotte to Wilmington, NC this past weekend. About half way there I heard a quick loud noise under my car and looked into my rear view mirror but did not see that I had run over anything but did not see anything. When we arrived in Wilmington we stopped at the grocery store, when I began backing out of my parking spot I heard something dragging the ground and got out to see what it was. It was the protective plastic undercarriage (skid plate)that gets removed to change the oil or do any other work under the vehicle. I'm wondering if the technician forgot to tighten the screws and the wind eventually pulled the piece down far enough to where it caught on something from the road and bent it backwards?
  8. The mileage is correct. That is what I get on my GS300 when driving 70-75 mph on the interstate
  9. City = 24 Highway = 32 with cruise control set at at 70 - 75 mph
  10. Your shift knob might actually be doing you a wife's is chrome and it practically blinds me when the sun hits it. A leather shift knob sounds much nicer to me.
  11. I have had the same issue on my 06 GS 300 and was able to correct it by pulling on the yellow handle inside the trunk that is used for opening the trunk from inside....apparently the handle got stuck in the open position
  12. You might find lots of opinions and ideas on this site's Wheel and Tire forum.
  13. "You could even put your wife/girlfiend in the trunk to listen for the sound!" roflmao Come on honey, just climb in the trunk. 1990LS400, your wife\girlfriend must be a real trooper if she would do something like that for you. Thanks for the chuckle.
  14. Do you have a brother in Charlotte, NC?
  15. "$500 for a set of good tires" that sounds more like for a set of two tires. I just put 4 Michelin's on my wife's IS250 for around 1k, on the other hand, last summer I was able to put a set of 4 Michelin's on my Ford explorer for $500.