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  1. Congrats on the new car, Steve! It's a beauty!!!!!
  2. Not sure if mine was the same as yours but after I took my car in for the 5k maintenance, I noticed a noise coming from the engine similar to what you have described. The car still ran well but I knew it didn't sound the same as before. I expected the service department to say it was "normal", and they did, but the driver knows the difference! My Lexus rep was great and took a look at my car to see where the noise was coming from and after I got the car back, it sounded pretty much normal, i.e. brand new normal. I was happy. My Lexus rep was happy too although the mechanic said he "didn't do a
  3. Hi everyone, I'm due for my free 8000 km service and was wondering if there is anything I need to know or look out for before I take my car in. I looked up this topic in previous posts but didn't find any. Really appreciate this forum and all the advice and expert opinion that's shared. Thanks in advance for your comments!
  4. Thanks for the link! Met with my J. friends today and they said it's a water repellent you apply to the windshield and don't need to use the wipers in the rain. Neat technology! I think I'm going to test it on my old car first though :-)
  5. Ha ha! That's exactly my question! It's some kind of a water repellent/coating used for windshields. It's all in Japanese. I'm meeting some Japanese friends for lunch tomorrow and will ask them to translate it for me. I just thought somebody on the forum might have used the product and could offer insights.
  6. A question for the detailing buffs: Are you familiar with/have used Glaco Chemical Liquid Super Wiper? I got it as a present from Japan. Any comments regarding the product? Thanx!
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering how fast you accumulate mileage on your ES. I don't drive a lot (to work under 15k and on weekends) but it sure feels like my odometer clicks those miles, or rather kilometers, too quickly. I bought the car less than 2 months ago and got over 2k on it. Compared to my previous car, the ES's digital odometer seems to log distance much faster.
  8. Lexica


    Thanks, Steve. Appreciate your insight.
  9. I just brought home my brand new car and took a good look at it. There is some rust inside the wheels, one of the exhaust pipes and in a few other places (both chrome and metal). What would be your advice? An update... I was driving by my dealership today and stopped to ask them about the rust (I didn't see it when I picked up the car). They told me it was surface rust and that it would go away after a while. I find it interesting, my previous car, which was cheaper and less "sophisticated" than the Lexus, never had any surface rust... or at least, I've never seen it or been told it was there
  10. Oh wow! It does look sharp. I think I like it :) Thanks a lot for the pics and your comments.
  11. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the posts and comments. Great forum! I'm just about to purchase my first Lexus and was wondering if you have a word of advice regarding the side moulding. I didn't really think of it till today when I went to the dealership to check out the colours. (Yes, I'm still undecided :-) For me, it's a toss between White and Smoky Granite.) The two cars that caught my eye today had the rear spoiler and side moulding, something I hadn't thought of adding to my car. The granite looked really sharp whereas the white one didn't quite look as hot. Colour does matter! I like Sm
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