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    I have a 98 GS400 and I recently changed the camshaft seals because they started leaking. I marked every position of every part I removed and torqued everything to specs and when I started it it ran smoothly until it heated up then I started getting valve noise later I discovered I was getting little to no oil to the right side of the engine what could cause this and since it idle in that condition three to four times four mechanics to diagnos it do you think that there is serious damage to the lifters. also where does the oil come from to lube the lifters?
  2. engine lubrication

  3. I've heard that it can just be a dirty throttle body,(TPS) or throttle position sensor got that term from dealer same as idle speed sensor having same problem as you (98 GS400) a certified lexus mechanic told me to clean the throttle body with a carb & throttle body cleaner first butterflies inside throttle body could be sticking and remove and clean throttle position sensor to save yourself some money while your at it get some M.A.F sensor cleaner to M.A.F stands for mass air flow sensor read the directions very carefully for the air flow sensor cleaner look were the wires hook up to the air sensor right after breather filter if the sensor brand is karmen vortex don't use warns on back of can!
  4. If you have not purchased the foglight yet there is a website that use to be L-tuned.com or lexusparts.com but try l-tuned and if I remember correctly it goes to lexus parts .com (l-tuned.com is the old name) it is a performance website for lexus that use to work with lexus they sell foglight sets for your car for two hundred brand new reputable company bought suspension from them when they were L-tuned and back then lexus actually gave me a warranty! lexus company used to make a L-tuned version with the badges and suspension upgrade on the second generation GS
  5. either that or a lost oil plug and previous owner didn't want to spring for a knew one.
  6. I don't Know if you got the info or not but there is nothing to worry about with the codes I have a 98 GS400 and changed the battery a lot of times (had the car for 10 years) only thing that was a problem was losing your presets. I think the code is only affected when you try to put it in another car I think all the security is directly thorugh the computer so as long as you are hooking things back to the original computer no problem. I also removed my radio then disconnected it then put it back in still no problem
  7. I have a 98 GS400 with the nakamichi system I am having a problem with low volume in the drivers side door speaker.when I really crank the volume the sound comes back for a short time then goes low again anyone experience this problem. any info will be greatly appreciated. trying to keep the factory look on the dash don't want to install an aftermarket. Besides keeps the criminals away when they see the factory head unit. Also does any one know how to hook a nakamichi headunit up to aftermarket amps without going through the factory amp first? I've tried everything and it won't work!
  8. whats up rocklyn don't know if anyone gave info yet but they are very simple to do. I have a 98 gs 400 and I did the work myself. If you know how to do struts they are the same as any car, just be very careful of the abs wire if you pull on it to hard you may have to change it, it which will cost you 250.00 each and there are four.besides those wires which are attached to the struts there are three nuts under the hood directly over the struts that have to be loosened and if I remember correctly one nut and bolt at the bottom (that could be the back) before you can pull the whole strut assembly out, (just about the same in the rear) write back and I will give you more info I am replacing my struts again they have been on the car since 03 they are completely worn out going to buy a set of bilstiens with a life time warranty.
  9. new to the forum like the topic! 98 GS400 145 on parkway 12:00 at night racing a 06 or 07 M3 I was in his !Removed! the whole time not trying to win wanted to see what my car could do :P very surprised
  10. What's up everybody, I'm new on the forum so let me give you some info! I have a 98 GS400 silver, I am the 2nd owner, it cost 32,500 when I purchased it. I am thirty-six years old and pay about 1100 dollars a year. I had the car since 01 and have not had any problems till this year. The first problem I had was with the sunroof leaking which I fixed due to the front drains were clogged still have to due the rear drains, found out that water was getting in because my sunroof when fully closed is able to move up and down about one half an inch which I think was intentionally done by some one (how do I fix). My VSC, ABS, VSC off lights are on. This happened after I put lower ball joints on the front I did a little investigation and I think I stretched the ABS sensor wires. The only problem that I can't explain is since august 08 my car has stalled on me 5 times three when I was pushing it a little hard and came to a stop and twice with my wife she doesn't drive hard at all. I was told by one of my friends that has the same car that he had the same problem and the fuel pump is on its way out. But it stalls like it was a stick shift when you don't press the clutch when you come to a stop! which makes me think it's the torque converter any ideas. All work that was done on the car was done by me. Only mods on the car 19 inch axxis super mesh rims staggered set 245/35 front-275/30 rear, eibach lowering springs with recalibrated lexus factory shocks (to retain as much of the ride as possible) from L-Tuned. Also 2 kenwood amps, 4-4inch rockford fosgate speakers for the doors and 2-10inch dual voice kicker comps!