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  1. Love the road trips! Took two this spring/ summer. First was Milwaukee, Wi to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Stopped in Memphis, TN for a day and night on the way down. Second trip was to Atlantic City, NJ via Cleveland for a day and night, then Philadelphis for two nights, then Atlantic City.. and Pittsburgh on the way home.
  2. I am currently working in Iraq and tried to email my local dealership to find out a price on these for my '09 IS250... but am having problems with getting the messsage through to parts. My question is, Have you ordered and do you have the price quoted to you? Sure would be cool if ya did!
  3. I bought an '09 IS 250 AWD on Jan 17th. and the day i bought it it snowed ALL DAY. I live in MIlwaukee and the car drove like a dream in the snow/slush. I would only recommend the AWD for WI winters. I haven't thought to much about it or even researched the diff between the RWD and AWD but can't imagine buying the RWD 250. If I were gonna have a RWD IS, it would definitely be the 350. My opinion and experience only.
  4. IHave an 09 IS 250 that is Smoky Granite Mica and I have 35% on all but front windscreen and it looks SA-WEEEET! Oh yeah, and i decided to do it without even asking anyone if they thought i should or not! How crazy am!? lol
  5. I think I did it on my '07 is250, but the beeping is still there when I start the car. Is that normal or is that beeping also suppose to go away? I just did it in my 09 250 and it worked just fine (after i realized you had to remain holding the ODO trip in while you insert the seatbelt) and i also paid attention to the 4 'dings' when you first hit the ignition button and don't believe that will (at least didn't with mine) go away.
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