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  1. I got those for like $80.00 get them on ebay, they are quite reasonable..and also if you have a mechanic friend, they can order it from lexus for you CHEAP!!!
  2. I tried it, but it didn't work, I have a question on #5 since I need to press and hold the button, the odometer display NEVER moved or display b on or b off, it just stay at the odometer, shouldn't I turn instead of HOLD? Please help.
  3. hey I just purchase mine at Watertown/Mass for a 250/07/ I bought it in august and got it in sept. I got it about 1800 off the sticker, which the total will come out exactly as listed on the lexus website, its almost like having no taxes, the dealership is quite professional..I would recommend it. They stop shipping, that's ridiculous?? hope it helps.
  4. Hello guys, thinking of getting XM into my IS250 2007, it's XM ready, I just don't know how to go about it, can some of you post what you did to install the XM, can I do this myself with best buy or something? thanks.
  5. Hey guys, thanks for all your inputs, my car is NOT black, it is the smoky granite GRAY/SILVER. I am not going to any body shop for the moment, but so far that's what everyone suggested since SCRATCH X is not removing the whole thing. But I am going to wait until the car is less NEW, it's ridiculous since I just bought it, I dont' think I will go to the bodyshop everytime I get a scratch, I will wait and then probably buff the whole car when it's less new. THANKS people.
  6. Thanks guys, the scratch X is ok and made it very non noticeble, but it's still there, it still there....
  7. I use a nokia 6233, and it seems to work pretty good, however the person on the other end don't ever seem to hear me well, where is the microphone? so I can talk closer..
  8. I just got my car for less than a month 2007 IS250/NAV/AWD/smoky granite. I parked in the supermarket and there it was...a shopping cart next to my car when I came out. I slowly moved it away and looked at my car and noticed a series of scratches, smoke was coming out of my head, some selfish people pushed it really hard from their car to mine..anyway, I went and wash my car right away and bought some Maguiar's SCRATCH X, raved by the some autoblog to remove had made it less noticeable, but still it's there, can anyone recommend a better product??? It's fairly light scratc
  9. I have the same problem here, all the original CD I bought, none of them show titles, however, when my friend burn me a CD from a foreign country, they were weird, if anyone has any success of using a particular software, please post here...THANKS!!!
  10. Hello guys: Anyone that knows how to turn off the seatbelt warning will be great. I have tried the following hack, but it doesn't work...I wonder if it's because mine is a 2007 IS..THANKS! 1. turn the key to the ON position (press Start 2 times), foot off the brake 2. cycle the odometer with the trip reset button until the ODO is displayed (not trip A or B ) 3. turn the ignition to the LOCK (OFF) position 4. unbuckle the driver's seatbelt if it was buckled. 5. turn the key to the ON position (Press Start 2 times). when the dash lights have come on, press and hold the trip reset button a
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