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  1. Are you looking for CH000 on SAT mode? You should get at least 3 or 4 preview stations plus the 000 channel. I would make sure that all the wiring is hooked up still. You can also call XM and talk to them about it if all else fails.
  2. Hello, I'm going to get the Fly Audio Navi for my 2009 IS250. I was told by Automax that it does not support XM Sat through it unit, but I can plug an external Sat unit through the Aux and it will work. My question is that I already have XM Sat installed in my car ( through my headunit, no external unit ) and was wondering if all I have to do is plug an external Sat unit into the Aux and it will work or do I need to install new wiring and reciever? Has anyone done this? Thanks, Rob
  3. I have a 2009 IS250 with only sunroof, but I took my scuff plates off and found that it was P-n-P. So, I bought the blue one's and they look GREAT!!. Just take one of your plates off and see if the connecter is there or not. They just pop off.
  4. Go for it! I have a 2009 IS250 and love it! No problems at all with it so far. I've had it since last March.
  5. I also get around 375-390 per tank and usually fill up when it says 10 miles or below. Get around 14 or so gallons in when I fill up.
  6. I've had my IS250 for 8 months now and I'm getting around 27-27.5 MPG with equal highway and city driving.
  7. DC, I have an '09 IS250 without the NAV system and the Lexus dealership said that one could not be installed into my car by them. Are they right or wrong? If wrong, do you have one and how easy is it to install? I do not have the ML system. Thanks.
  8. Really? I find it the best stock system I’ve ever heard in a car. Check your bass settings. I honestly couldn't tell the difference in the ML system vs. the stock system. It doesn't "hit" hard but has way more than enough resonating bass. Your correct. It is one of the best factory system's I have heard, but I still want to change the speakers. Does anyone know how to change the speaker in the back? That is how to take the cover behind the back seats off?
  9. Hello, Do the 2009 IS250's have the same speaker size? Also, How do you pop off the cover for the back sub? Thanks.
  10. Hey, Sorry, I'm still waiting for mine. They shipped today!! Either do a search in here. There are plenty of pics or go to Hey All, Just wanted to let you all know that my were PNP and they look awsome!!!
  11. Hey, Sorry, I'm still waiting for mine. They shipped today!! Either do a search in here. There are plenty of pics or go to
  12. Hello, " I sure do. I ordered them through They are either $206 or $216 depending on if you want blue or white lights. Put in promo code "Illuminate" and it will drop the cost to $156. Shipping is either $11 ground or $52 2nd day & $106 for next day. I got the blue ones with ground for a total of $166.
  13. Thanks, I'll order a set today. I looked under my sill and saw the plug. I asked because I have heard that some people also have this plug under their sill, but when they hook it up, the sill does not light up and they have to run new wires to the foot lights. Though I do not know what year Lexus they had. I'll let you know if they work when I get them.
  14. I have read that the '07 IS250 is PNP. Does anyone know if the 2009 IS250 is? I really do not want to do any wiring mods to get them to light up. Thanks, Rob
  15. Hello, Thanks for the info. I'll check it out. Rob