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  1. I am looking to purchase some chains for my 2004 gx470. Does anyone have a recommendation of which set to buy and where to buy it? Also, assuming I would only need a pair, which tires should they be put on? I only need to use them occasionally on the drive up to my cabin. (Steep 10%+ grade on gravel road, often with 1+ foot of snow).
  2. I opened my sunroof yesterday, but when I attempted to close it only went back in a few inches before automatically slidng back out. It does this everytime I attemt to press the sunroof close button. Any ideas of what the issue is? Estimate of repair tips or cost? Thanks in advance for any help. My car is a 2004 GX.
  3. Lexus announced they expect to sell just 14,000 of the new GX this year. No wonder, the 2010 is fugly. I have seen the new 2010 in person and I hate the exterior. What was Lexus thinking??
  4. Interior looks nice, but I hate the new grille/front design.
  5. There bolt is no misaligned. So I guess I would need a new arm and wiper. Where is a good place to find these parts? Thanks again.
  6. I had a mishap with my garage door and the rear wiper. To make a long story short, the rear wiper arm broke off at about the midpoint. Do I need the full rear wiper assemby replaced? (The motor still works fine). Or can I replace just the arm part? Depending on what I need, where can I find these parts online at the most reasonable price? Thanks in advance for any insights.
  7. If your GX is 2005 or newer use 91 Octane. 2003 & 2004 models are fine with 87 Octane. Also, altitude can also play a factor. If you live above 6,000 feet, 87 Octane will actually be nearly identical to 91 Octane in terms of performance. So high-altitude residents could use 87 Octance regardless of model year.
  8. I had an unfortuante thing happening to my GX this morning, I accidently scraped and cut my left side fender (opening flare, right above the front left tire) while pulling out the garage. Not too much of an eyesore, but still irritating. Went to the local body shop over lunch to get an estimate, and I was told that Lexus would charge $436 for shipping a replacement part (Left Fender Wheel Opening Flare - Part # 75612-60150-F0) Would prefer to not have this paid for by insurance, so I was wondering if anyone could assist me in finding this part at a lesser price somewhere online? My car is 2004 GX470 - Gold Color. I assume this part is identical for all years but dependent on color? I think my color was produced from 2003-2005.
  9. Thanks again. Is there a way to find out which VIN #s qualify, or do I need to just contact the dealership? Anywhere online I can print out a hard copy of the actual TSIB? You guys are the best! ;)
  10. Thanks, you guys are a great resource for information! Does anyone have an online reference to this 7-year warranty extension for the backup camera? Just in case I need to back it up when speaking to the dealer.
  11. Thank you all so much for your help and insights. One more question though; since my basic warranty (5 yr / 50,000 miles) just ran out as my car was initially delivered in Dec of 2003; would this backup camera repair still be covered under some other type of warranty? Also, aren't TSBs or TSIBs just service bulletins that the owner would usually pay for outside of warranty? They are not like recalls, right? TIA :)
  12. I recently purchased a preowned 2004 Lexus GX with 32k miles. All service records, no "clunk" or other issues that have been discussed. Extremely smooth transmission and ride. Overall I am very pleased with the car, but there is one thing that is not working properly: The Backup Camera. When I put the car in reverse, all that is shown on screen is just grey static. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Everything else (Navigation, Audio, etc) works perfectly. Could it be a fuse or faulty wiring? And what is cost of repair? I've cleaned the camera lens but still shows just static. Any help would be greatly apprecicated. :)