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  1. Has anyone installed these type of LED tail lights by Spyder? Any issues and thoughts? Can u post pics of them on our vehicle? Thanks http://www.buyeurolights.com/0307-lexus-gx470-led-tail-lights-black-spyder-p-79762.html
  2. Okay, I have been waiting in anticipation with the GX's redesign. And, man!!! Am i disappointed. For some reason Lexus, in my opinion, has turned what was a sweet looking vehicle into something that is, to me, one ugly looking SUV. I have an '05 and love everything about it from the exterior to the interior but for some reason the new exterior and interior leaves something to be desired. Pretty much borderline fugly in my book. Anyone else think this? For that matter does anyone fancy Lexus' new redesigns of any of their SUVs. I think they all SUCK!! Well, just my 2 cents.
  3. Say, I am currently running 20's on my '06 GX and due for new tires soon. For those who are using 20's which tires do you recommend for ride comfort and reduced road noise? Thanks.
  4. I know it has been awhile since last posted on this subject. But I finally got around to taking my 05 in and the dealer tells me that is normal because of the oversized side mirrors? Are they feeding me a bunch of *BLEEP*e cause they don't want to deal with it? Any suggestions?
  5. Had my dealer install after market but definately not an udiovox...was invision dual dvd headrest and had no problems whatsoever. Everything is all good with my gx...could be your dealer's tech not knowing what the heck they are doing
  6. My 05 is very quiet. ← So, then is this something I need to address with the dealer and will they be able to do anything about it? thanks
  7. Have had my '05 GX for a couple of months now. Definately a great vehicle. It seems to glide over the freeways but am getting excessive wind noise in doing so. Is this the norm with the GX, it sure can't be...especially for a high priced luxury vehicle. Is there something that I can do to minimize wind noise?