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  1. thanx atleast i know this is gonna be a project..... but i'd still rather do it myself than pay an arm and a leg for something relatively minor
  2. thanks for the reply, i went to crutchfield.com and it said they didn't have any speakers to fit my car....... unfortunately it doesn't give you the size of the speakers you need. any other suggestions?
  3. hey guys, i completely blew out my speakers and i need measurements for the front and rear door speakers and the tweeters. the subwoofer is 8 inches. i appreciate it thanx.
  4. i would never put regular gas in my car, but i flipflop back and forth between 89 and 93 octane based on 2 things how much the 89 costs and how much of a difference there is between the two.
  5. just thought i'd add that i wouldn't drop the car at all, but maybe thats just because i'm from nyc and the roads here are atrocious
  6. i'm currently waiting for my 18's to arrive that i ordered, i got verde defrag's they look really good on lexus'
  7. anything and everything you guys can give me, i can't find any chrome door handles anywhere and i've heard that the trim tape pretty much sucks just post links or give hints,ideas or suggestions-97es300
  8. i take that back.... the link doesn't work. i feel so cheap. lol
  9. excuse me if i'm not remembering correctly, but didn't this forum used to have a thread containing instructions/explaining stereo removal and trouble shooting? where'd it go?
  10. monroe struts shouldn't be that expensive they should be relatively cheap
  11. hi, new to the forum.... i have a problem with my stock radio in a 97 es300. 3 buttons are not working one of the buttons for the tuner and the first two buttons for the radio stations/cd disc control. is it just a loose wire? how can i figure it out? any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i've been reading in this forum for a while before i signed up and you are some of the most informative people i've come across online. i came across directions to problem shoot the radio in this forum a while ago and haven't been able to locate them again.
  12. i ordered one (CD CHANGER) and i JUST got it today and all i have is CDR's i burned off of my computer in it and it works fine
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