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  1. Thx Tom. Upon further review, I noticed that it was actually when pressing the brake that the light came on. On further further review I noticed one of the still-working brake bulbs was kind of old (filament looked worn, inside glass somewhat blackened). Replaced. Dash indicator out. Moral for posterity: even a working light that's old can throw a false failure reading. So for this problem, I had both a failed high-mount stop, and a failing rear brake light. Fixed.
  2. BUMP & more info. The only other thing I've since noticed is that the indicator light comes on when shifting into gear. Not when pressing brake pedal (say when in park) or turning on the lights. I can make it happen when shifting from Park to reverse, or from neutral (starting the engine while in neutral) - suggesting that it's not a failure on say the backup lights. Any input?
  3. Had high mount stop light bulb out and dashboard indicator was on. Replaced bulb. All rear lights now working. Dashboard indicator still on however. I did use a long life replacement bulb from sylvania (that's all that Pep Boys and Auto Zone seem to carry). I read in passing in another thread that the LL bulbs don't allow enough passive current to pass to and so you get a false negative on the rear bulb. True? Other ideas? I plan to hunt and peck w/ trial and error cleaning contacts and what not but thought there may be an opine about disconnecting the battery or some other "try this f
  4. I will answer my own question(s) for posterity. Right behind the bumper cover are in fact screw holes - visible once you drill say a 1/4" hole in the bumper cover (alas my precious) on the indicated locations. Also, my car actually had a unused license mount already in the boot (was tough to see as it and the boot are black but it was there), so buying the mount was not necessary. I still can't believe what Lexus Parts was going to charge. So check your boot you might already have one after all! Even if you don't have the mounting bracket you could easily fashion something using perhaps p
  5. I live in California and have gone for a few years now w/ no tix for lack of front plate / tag. But now have received 2 (parking) tickets in the last month. So I'm starting to see past the aesthetic liability of the front plate for the financial liability of not having one. Anyway, has anybody mounted a plate w/o getting the Lexus bracket? I can see the bumper has two insets for where the bracket / plate holes should be. I can also see how the bumper has a bit of a wedge shape, so I may need to use washers to build up so that the plate will mount flush - that, or I just bend the plate.
  6. I've had it w/ the CD changer on my RX 300 - the sleeves are ridiculously cumbersome to use. Would like to get one that is easier to use (albeit still in the glove box) and maybe better CD+/-R, MP3, DVD (audio) support. Is this possible?
  7. I've seen a couple RX300s with little adjustable "eyelets" to which you attach bungie cords or run rope through. They're the adjustable kind such that you could loosen them and fix them to anywhere along the roof rails. You can see an example of the eyelets (not on a Lexus) in this picture: Anybody know where to get these - are they Lexus parts? Thx
  8. I don't like the way the emblem looks on the RX300 (2003) steering wheel. Would like to make it gold. Or maybe powder coat black. Don't think the gold emblem package included a steering wheel emblem. Anybody do this? Thx
  9. I have an RX300, but like the idea of side roof rails (mostly aesthetics, I'll confess ;) ) like the RX330 has. Any such product would mount to the existing roof channels in the same way that the OEM brackets do. Anybody know if there's an aftermarket side roof rail that'll do this? Thx TK
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