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  1. For those who have suffered with this problem, believe me I tried it all, throttle body clean, EGR, wire, plugs, fuel pump, Maf, on and on, finally replaced both coils and it runs like a dream, for what its worth, don't take for granted the COILS!!!!!!!! Thanks, Jerry
  2. Air bag light keeps blinking so I did a code search and came up with code 74. The test procedure is too complicated for me but I'm wondering if anyone has been able to narrow it down to a more simple approach. For example the tech manual says to to a test on the PR Squib system, frankly I'm lost!!! Thanks, Jerry
  3. Need to change differential and when I look at tech manual it seems pretty involved. Do I really have to take down exhaust??,should I replace mounting cushions, they are $45.00 each. Appreciate any do's and don'ts from those who have done this job. Thank, Jerry
  4. Just put new KYB (something like that) "Premier" expensive shocks 110 each 6 months ago and now they are useless, they are leaking. Drive normal roads hit a hole once in awhile no big deal, any idea why these would fail so quickly, also its a nightmare changing them!!!!!! Thanks, Jerry
  5. Just wanted everyone to know I finally won the battle to stop hesitation. Everytime the weather temp got in the 90s my Lexus would begin to buck and sputter and act like it would die. Over the years (thats right YEARS , I changed the fuel pump, filter, Maf sensor, cleaned and adjusted throttle body, changed temp sensor, wire, plugs,and probably 10 others things I forgot. The other day it was in 90s and I noticed that in neutral it ran perfect but when I put it in gear and held brakes while trying to put a load on engine it broke up badly, but would never do this when its cold. SOOOO, I felt
  6. My Lexus manual gives a procedure to check out the sensors, sounds like a reasonable idea. Thank you for taking interest. BIGO
  7. I have these tires for about 5000 miles, very satisfied, everything you are hoping for. BIGO
  8. I have a 93 ls400 that starts good, idles good, until it reaches last step of idle down at about 650 rpm. It hesitates a bit then the check engine and Trac-off light comes on, with the computer reading a code 31. If I speed up the engine to 1200 or so the lights go out. I took the throttle body off and cleaned it good and it still acts the same.Checked and cleaned all electrical connections, also made sure all vacuum hoses are tight, took off EGR valve cleaned it, not very dirty. Tell me its not the MAF that code 31 says it could be! What troubles me it runs great until you let it idle then t
  9. Will try it, Thanks for your response.
  10. My 93 LS 400 starts great and runs will until it warms up and then it sputters for a moment and trips a EG code 31 which says its the MAF or computer. OHMs check out on the MAF, should I replace computer???? Thanks for any input. BIGO
  11. Found it. Thought it could be reached from behind console...wasted effort. Located it on right side of trans. Ordered new unit from Autozone $143. Will install this weekend. Thanks. Did you have to disconnect exhaust pipe?????? Thanks, Jerry
  12. Yes, I have the same question, looks like you need to take exhaust pipe off, or do you work from the top down??? Jerry
  13. I have a 93 ls400 which didn't want to go into PARK every time. SOOOOO, I tried adjusting linkage and broke off nut on transmission lever which is connected to Park/Neutral switch. The tech manual says if you want to replace it to disconect exhaust pipe which is a terrible thought, so I'm wondering if anyone has done this using a short-cut. Can it be done w/o taking off rusted exhaust pipe. Also how do you disconnect wiring to the P/N switch???. Thanks, Jerry
  14. I tried to download the attachment, but could not, can you Email it to me?? Thanks Jerry
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