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  1. Several of you probably know that I added a 12" Kicker L5 and a 500W monoblock Rockford Fosgate Power series amp. I also wired a bass remote from the amp up to the drivers seat so it would be easier to control. I had the remote under the front of the seat but it was kind of inconvenient reaching down there. I always wanted it in the change pocket next to to the buttons for trunk, sunshade, fuel door, etc. so today I actually got the courage to tackle it and see what happens. I took my sweet time because obviously there NO info out there on how to do stuff like this but I figured it out, got it all back together, and now it looks absolutely fantastic. The link below is a video I made on my iphone (hence the not perfect picture) of the process before and after with pictures! Hope this helps with anyone who was interested in this modification. Let me know what you all think about it Take care everyone! Kyle
  2. Thanks guys! All I had was my iphone, I wish I had my digital camera but I thought it turned out pretty good. They are supposed to have some new interesting color combination with the interior that I saw in the brochure "black w/ saddle tan leather" that ought to be interesting! And it is real nice that they put the coat hangers back in. I think those subtle changes they made did a world for the car. I also love the new nav setup and the SOS system. Plus how they're carrying more two tone colors is really cool. I spoke with the service dept and they said the same thing I say and that it is carelessness when attaching the mats and not anchoring them down and/or putting the all weather on top of the carpet ones. They pretty much said that toyota will either move the gas pedal or something like that but nothing's been released, I'm sure not taking my mats out lol, they're properly secured :P
  3. I got to check out the 2010 in person yesterday finally while getting some warranty work done!! It was pretty awesome, I also made a detailed video of it for anyone wants a "virtual" tour but feel like you're there. I'm a big youtube user, I also got to check out the 2010 HS hybrid, IS250C, 2010 RX, and others, but this isn't the forum for them so I will stick with the ES :P Here's the video, hope it's helpful! Enjoy! Kyle
  4. The last time I had my brakes done I had the Toyota dealer to perform the service and they did just fine, As I listen to the sound it sound like it could be the rear brakes my car makes a simlar sound though not as loud if I back up with the parking brake on and I had to have my rear brakes replaced at 19k miles and that is way to soon. I'm hoping that I will be able to take this video in to the dealer and show them as well because I can't always duplicate it :/ I hope it would suffice, but maybe I'll just have to go on another overcast day when it does it really bad like this. I even checked the parking brake, I would've felt like a moron if I had left it on haha but I didn't, and it didn't help resetting it. I just want this fixed right one time, I don't want to have to keep making multiple visits :( Since I'm a first year pharmacy school student, it's hard now for me to find free time!
  5. actually, scratch that last comment, after looking at the pics I posted, I can see the bulb, so I guess it doesn't have LEDs :/
  6. These are a set of pics I found on the internet I thought everyone would enjoy if you haven't seen it already, the 2010 is beautiful IMO, the subtle differences make a big difference I think. Sorry they're not uploaded in a real order haha, just happened that way. I also found a little review a salesman did on one at a dealership, I'll post the link below. It is the first vid on youtube for the 2010. Hope everyone enjoys, I can't wait to see it in person! Kyle
  7. I'm almost positive that it does, after seeing some detailed pics, but idk if they can be retrofitted being LED
  8. Please post pics in this thread, I have a 2007 Ultra Luxury, and I would love to see the new design with the package! Kyle
  9. The car just turned 30k miles, it's been doing this now for a while though. I know they replaced brakes and I thought they said rear, but the more I research it, I think it's in the front. I'm just not able to go to my dealer right now due to school, although there is major toyota dealer down the road from me, which they said I could bring it, does anyone think that would be fine or should I go to my dealer? They said they service lexus all the time, just didn't know if it would affect warranty haha, sorry if it's a dumb question Thanks for the replies so far, at least I know I'm not the only one! Kyle
  10. My ES has been making the most God awful noise every now and then for a while now, mostly when there is humidity in the air. I thought it was just simple brake rust after sitting through the night but it will do it even thought you've been driving all day. I'm posting a link to a video I made of the exterior and interior of the car while backing up. It ONLY does while backing up and is a complete embarrassment for a car that costs as much as it does. it is almost not even worth going in reverse hahaha. Also, fyi, the dealer replaced the rear brake pads I believe before I left to go back to school in hopes that it would fix it, but sadly it didn't :( does anyone have any insight to this? Thanks everyone for your input! Kyle
  11. I tend to wax/buff my windows a couple of times a year. My 07 ES350 Ultra Luxury has sat outside for most of its life being that I am at college and what not. I am pleased to say that there is not a single spot of acid rain damage or water spots on my car, I have taken impeccable care of it, it just depends on how much effort you put into it :) The water ALWAYS beads up on the glass the water just slides off better than any car I've driven!
  12. I actually heard you should change them every 15k miles! I realized this when my 07 ES350 was at 25-26k I believe. I changed mine too but I ordered it from oriley auto parts, got a sweet carbon impregnated filter ordered specifically for the car and I believe it was like 20 something dollars, definitely under 30. I agree though, my air was starting to smell like chemicals sometimes (idk why lol) but it's perfect now. I would recommend checking out that avenue next time! B)
  13. That's so awesome, I've seen just a few pics of the new ES, Please post pictures =) I'd love to see it and I'm sure others would as well!
  14. I have the all weather ones in my 07 ES. I have to admit when I heard this, I was a little skeptical, I've had my ES since it had 2k miles back in 07 and I have NEVER had and issue with the OEM carpet or the all weather. I also heard rumors of this being a "cover up" for a larger problem with the cars just going under rapid acceleration, when it happens the brake light flashes on the HUD and the car can't be stopped! Pardon my french but WTF???? Check youtube and you will find several. I'm not one to worry and I'm not going to but does this recall require us to do something? Like obviously if they're recalling 3.8 million vehicles what are they going to do with them, is there anything they're fixing? This is all so weird to me haha