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  1. Susan I have a 2013 and it does the same. When the light comes on if I go soon to fill up I only get about 15 gallons. So I now know I have 3 gallons to play with. I started to take a 2 gallon gas can with me that last few gallons and purposely run out to see exactly how far it will go but after reading other comments and going past the warning a few times I'm confident that if I'm on the highway and the light comes on I can easily make it to the next stop.
  2. I bought an RX350 a few months ago with 25,000 miles. It now has 30,000. I just went on a 1,000 mile 4 day trip. My average for the entire trip was right at 22.5 mpg. About 95% was highway and I drove 75 most of the time. I was hoping to get closer to 24-25. Any ideas why it was 22.5? Would driving 70 give me the 24-25? Some of the time I even drove 78-80 but mostly 75. Thanks in advance. I tried searching and didn't see anything and felt this has to have been asked before. I also saw that it hits "low fuel" when there must be 3-4 gallons left.
  3. I popped out the module that has the tilting switch and reinserted it. It started working. Didn't even have to clean the contacts.
  4. My mirrors will adjust when I use the "preset" seat adjustment. However, when I try to adjust the side mirrors from inside neither works. Any idea what to check? Fuse? Is the "Adjustor" inside broken and needs replacing? I have only tried flipping that switch back and forth a lot of times in case there was corrosion. Didn't work. Someone at a nearby town (Lexus Dealer) said there could be a switch in the glovebox that was tripped but I didn't see any buttons or switches in the glovebox. Thanks in advance!
  5. Should I switch from regular oil to synthetic at this point? I change every 5,000 and since 85,000 have seen twice maybe 1/4 qt. low.
  6. I had mine done by the Dealer for $75. Lifetime guarantee.
  7. Just got my timing belt changed by a Toyota Dealer. I may miss something but they did the belt, pulleys, tensioner, water pump, drive belt, thermostat, flushed the radiator and refilled, etc. Had 93,000 miles and 10 years old. I wanted the peace of mind. Total cost was $925.00. Lexus Dealer 60 miles away wanted $1,400. Have owned it since 2007 and 31,000 miles. Except for $280 for a power door lock this is all I have spent on it except for oil changes, brakes, and tires. I'm satisfied.
  8. My car is almost immaculate except the steering wheel leather is very worn. What can I do about it? Thanks in advance!
  9. My Voice Recognition button stopped working recently adn now I can't give my Navigator commands. Is tis a fuse, software, or a short in the wire behind the button? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance. Trip '03 LS430
  10. No Landar. A local Toyota or 60 miles away Lexus Dealer. Depends on price. It's a '03 430LS and just turned 80,000. Still looks great and in great condition. At one time a complete list was on here.
  11. There used to be a list of items to change out on the Forum like the water pump and I have done a search and cannot find it. It's time to do my belt and want to get the best bang for my buck. Any help with the list of things to change out would be helpful. Thanks!
  12. Try turning off the A/C and see fi it goes away.
  13. I have the passenger side front door speaker and bracket for sale. The speaker has a 2 inch tear in the membrane and some say you can hot glue them but I opted to buy a new Mark Levinson speaker. You can use the bracket to install an aftermarket speaker, something a lot of people do. Without the bracket I understand the aftermarket speakers won't fit in the door. Anyway. Make me an offer. trip6980@comcast.net
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